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I want my spring break back!

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I keep forgetting about my dA account... Uploading old stuff because I want to finally post it somewhere, plus there aren't many new pictures worth uploading... Those can wait a bit. I'll prolly compile a new sketchdump when I'll find a moment.

For now I present to you few simple sketches portraying the nine gods from the LFF project (chibi form only due to my lack of time and want to draw proper refs for them):

I - Chishio - God of Ether - master of the afterlife kingdom, where all the souls waiting for reincarnation, summons and other divine creatures reside. I often draw him surrounded by a bunch of young souls, they like each other's company.

II - Nalkos (also called Nalke) - God of Life - also represents light, birth, happiness. "Brother" of Amthazel. I see him as rather easygoing (read:silly) being.

III - Amthazel - God of Death - also represents darkness, sadness, sleep. He isn't a god of evil though. His main traits are melancholy and empathy.

IV - Galsier - God of Sun - Also god of fertility and fire. I still have to work on this one a bit, so no more information for now.

V - Balmalia - God of Sea - God of water in general, patron of sailors. Also need more details.

VI - Tiona - God of Wind - Air deity. Serves as a guide for souls looking for new bodies. Comets in their world are called "Tiona's braids".

VII - Veturiel - God of Time and Destiny - Firstborn child of Nirilana - the Great Void. As a God of Time he's calm and sweet, but you wouldn't want to meet him as a God of Destiny - this part of his personality represents what inhabitants of their world call "evil", but more fitting meaning would be "twists of fate".

VIII - Velset - God of Moon and Stars - Storyteller and dreamweaver. It's said that his robe covers the sky when night's approaching.

IX - Kress - God of Earth - "Mother" of all earthly things, the Great Carver who created the surface of their world.

All of them were born from the Great Void - Nirilana, the non-being mother of everything material, inexistent thought thinking itself, lasting in non-time, not-waiting, expectant. Perfect in its nothingness and infinity.

Sorry for the block of text. If you've read all that - many thanks, I hope you've found it interesting.
That's all I've got to say for now.
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