Violet Hill 01-02 Picture

No screen tones or anything, 'cause my version of Photoshop can't support them (I think). I have Photoshop Elements 4.0, so ... I dunno.

This is my brainchild!

It's been brewing for a while, and I just finished these first two pages today. As of now, I have four planned characters, but there will be more later.

Arya - a zombie; appears about 18-20 years of age, died in a tragic accident a long time ago. She has no memory of the incident, except that she bled. A lot.
Quinn - a vampire; appears about 19-22 years of age, became a vampire when he was exposed to a strange virus in the early 1700s.

- Zombies are the living dead. They bear no signs of being deceased aside from extreme paleness and a gray tinge to their skin. Formaldehyde is essential to their survival, it must be consumed, at the very least once a month, to help preserve their bodies, which are in fact dead.
- Vampires are humans who carried a recessive gene in their DNA, that when exposed to a rare virus caused them to become undead bloodsuckers. Feeding is needed at the very least once every 2 weeks, and the blood can be either animal or human. They can be out in the sun, they just burn very easily. They are in fact allergic to garlic and silver burns their skin. Holy water does nothing. Vampires are indestructible, their bodies very tough and resistant, and only perish if they are staked or dismembered, and then the separated pieces burnt.

concept and story is mine. No stealing. © me
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