Aldy, the Sun God Picture

Other names: Arao, Adlaw, Apolaki, Alberto Domingo, Bertong

Likes: Sundays, mornings, yellow, vegetables, puto't kutsinta, dark-skinned people, basketball, alcohol, people-watching, and his job.

Dislikes: Swimming, insects, church, too much paper, activities after 8pm, and anything too sweet.

Once the sun god, he is surprisingly cool and calm (most of the time) after centuries of learning to control his temper. His powers still manifest at times; the temperature actually rises around him and he still accidentally burns paper. His favourite party trick is lighting cigarettes for his friends.

Suave and masculine but sometimes plain weird, he can be so intense about his passions to the point people can't stand his fiery lectures.

Decided to be hip (read: dorky) by calling himself 'Aldy', copying the male half of a certain popular love team in the Philippines.

Now lives in Quezon City.

(OC © me)

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