Fireblaze - Sun Goddess Picture

Brought into this world by Starshine, highest Goddess of the sun and mythical ruler of the land, Fireblaze is the gods' response to modernisation. With the advent of advanced technology, allowing the citizens to compete in the Mutant Wars championship came a severe lack in religion and mythological studies, meaning that most of the newer generations have never heard of the gods. To solve this problem, Starshine sent her daughter, Fireblaze, down to the realm of mortals.

Where the gods wish to revert the land back to the ways of old, Fireblaze wants both the gods and the mortals to recognise each other for what they are. She is more modern in her thinking and does not despise technology as her ancestors do. She even enters herself into the Mutant Wars training program and is picked up by a young trainer named Elisa. The two become fast friends, although Fireblaze keeps her true origins a secret, and are about to attend their first championship when Mutant City is violently attacked, somehow without a trace of hostile incursion. The pair manage to escape the city and Fireblaze, seeing the trust in Elisa, tells her of her origins and intended mission, and how she can never again return to the realm of the gods because of her conflicting views on the world.

Fireblaze is young, but has a fighting attitude and refuses to back down from any sort of confrontation, using her goddess powers if necessary to convince the opposing party otherwise. To many of the younger male mutants Fireblaze is something of a beauty icon to them, although she is uninterested in them entirely. At least, until a young mutant named Foxhound stumbles into her in the middle of the forests. At first Fireblaze dismisses him as another mere mortal, but when his honour and courage begin to show, she reconsiders her opinions of him.
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