Brother Picture

A bit older versions from the first Re and Seth incarnation. (Entity Re stands for light, structure and seperation, while Seth is darkness, unity and chaos)
Seth was the first to exist, so he watched over Re and is somewhat like his caregiver. But as they are quite the same age, plus both abstract entities with a mostly material body, they soon establish a more brother/best friend like relationship, a deeply bond of love.

Seth always took care of Re, as with the existence of light appeared everything out of the possible potentials, also some things that would prefer to continue to live in the chaos (as for instance Apophis). Therefore they want to get rid of Re.
Re on the other hand admires Seth from the bottom of the heart. Mainly because Seth is always there, but also because Seth is from its substance, its very nature, the same as Re. All other entities, which origin after Re, are substances with less quality, they have lost much to gain difference. (Seth is a part of Apophis, nevertheless the same substance, therefore its ok I hereby declare ^^).

The hierachy of substances is measured by their potential to form other things. Therefore light and darkness, as being the same principle in reverse and right, are highest. Fire, Water, etc. just appears afterwards.
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