Michzha - Wolf of the Sun Picture

Name in English: Michzha, Wolf of the Sun

Position: No current pack

Main Powers: Sunlight and Starlight

Season of Power: Spring and summer

From: Greece

Personality Profile: Michzha is a highly positive wolf. She always puts a smile on her face, even if deep inside, her heart is frowning, just to show others she’s alright and so not to worry them. She provides care, comfort and love to the ones who need it. She has a heart full of love and compassion. She thinks a lot before deciding and is usually really fast. She spends most of her day outside the little cave, admiring the beauty of nature and basking in the sunlight. She looks at all life as beautiful, serene and calm. She also daydreams and imagines about warm thoughts during the cold winter. She cares a lot.

Background: She was first found by Phantom’s father, Marcus, as a pup, in the snow. He couldn’t let her die so he raised her with his own son. Phantom and Michzha became best friends and he was sometimes seen smiling with her. However, one day, Marcus died in an earthquake, and it was the bloodiest, most painful event that Phantom and Michzha had to endure. Ever since then, Phantom never smiled, no matter how hard she tried. Now, he really needs her and she will always be there for Phantom.

Relations: Phantom, her beloved

Note: When I draw her as a wolf, she does not really look like that. The dress is an ancient Greek dress and Date is in Modern Greek numerals. Writing in Greek. I enjoy Greek mythology and I might put some in my comic, I'm planning. But, this is how she looks like a wolf : Just Friends
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