Eclipse of the Kirin Picture

Critique is welcome.

Finally got around to putting a background behind the kirin or Qilin. [link]

I'm also using this as the artwork for a series of CD album covers that is going in my graphic design portfolio. I will be uploading the artwork for the other two album covers shortly.

Although it looks fearsome, the Qilin only punishes the wicked. It can walk on grass yet not trample the blades and it can also walk on water. Being a peaceful creature, its diet does not include flesh. It takes great care when it walks never to tread on any living thing. It is normally gentle but can become fierce if a pure person is threatened by a sinner, spouting flames from its mouth and exercising other fearsome powers that vary from story to story.

The Kirin's medium is colored pencil. The background is graphite. I scanned the drawings, put them together in Photoshop, and worked on changing the colors.

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