Nava-Verse Archives #40: Custodian's Set Picture

Stodtronp: A rather large (200+ lb.) animal from Aelvostin. It is similar to the Geaffe found on the same planet, albeit much larger in scale, both being crustacean–like creatures with large, thick necks. The two may or may not be biologically related, and indeed they do seem to get along relatively well when they encounter one another. However, it is generally agreed that the Stodtronp is both much stranger than the Geaffe and much more exciting. Standing over six feet tall with a massive, hard head, it is well–equipped to venture beyond the planet's ocean shores and into its deep jungles, where the population now dwells. It has two pairs of arms, both stubby and short but both powerful. A Stodtronp's antennae can sense threats from more than a mile away. It is a very slow–moving creature due to the small size of its legs compared to the mass of its body. There are less than 20,000 of them currently living on the planet. This is considered normal and natural, and they are not listed as endangered. The Stodtronp's durability value is more than 1,000.

Wevaractus: The resident humanoids of planet Ithpinbo, which is located in the Zeta Octant. They are an eccentric, greedy and extravagant race similar in many regards to the Joiemgaws, though more excessively ornate and generally not as rational. Wevaracti are stout and portly creatures with large craniums and even larger egos. Simply put, they believe themselves superior to all other races in nearly every way. What sets them apart from evil races that think the same is the fact that Wevaracti believe that all other creatures still have a right to live and don't enforce their alleged superiority on others. Because of their arrogance, however, the Wevaractus race has been cursed by the heavens to leave behind an unsightly, lingering cloud of dust wherever its members go. They themselves assume this curse to be a mistake and are waiting for it to be "corrected".
Planet Ithpinbo is one of the most beautiful in the Prime Galaxy, featuring variations of many precious and otherwise rare materials in great abundance. Of course, they are not exactly the same materials, which is why the values of their counterparts found elsewhere remain as high as they do. Wevaracti use these substances to fashion jewelry for themselves, which almost every member of the species has a fair amount of. Outside the sheltered and deluded world of Ithpinbo, though, jewelry made from their resources is considered relatively worthless. They have a durability value of 600.

Ichmolgo: Beast–hominids that live in the forests of Ergnoplis, most notably the large Esabbiv Forest. Standing about five feet tall, Ichmolgos have ruffly gray–purple feathers covering their bodies and a lanky, lean build. Their flesh is highly edible and popular among those willing to consume a being so close to a humanoid, though it is a chore to prepare them as doing so requires removing all their feathers. For this reason Ichmolgos are considered a delicacy among the cliques that eat them. Its value as food aside, this is a simple animal with a simple form and simple behavior. It can move rather quickly with its highly functional legs and the arms are quite powerful and muscular as well. The Ichmolgo is very intelligent for a non–sapient, and is resourceful and cautious as well. It is a non–aggressive and herbivorous creature whose primary means of defense consist of escaping its enemies rather than harming them, despite still having a potential for offensive behavior in its physiology (see above). Its durability value is 450.

The Custodian of the Nava–Verse: The Custodian of the Nava–Verse is the being writing all of this and presenting all these images to you. A special creation, the Custodian is the single most knowledgable being not only in the Prime Galaxy but in any dimension, not counting God the Father Himself of course. Physically, he is a small, multicolored, legless and semi–omniscient blob barely two feet in height, but has been placed in an enchanted and articulate mech specifically designed for him. The Custodian's job is to compile information about all the denizens of the Nava–Verse as well as to chronicle all the important events that occur in it, and he overlooks the galaxy from a space station floating directly above its central sun of Sol. For one year out of every century, he is allowed to come down from his home and observe the affairs of the Nava–Verse directly. In this state, he can travel freely through the Dimensional Rifts without expending cosmic energy, a power and privilege reserved exclusively for him. In addition, God has placed a spell over the Custodian that nullifies the aggression of any potentially hostile being in his immediate presence. This was done to keep him safe when he travels to the Underworld to study demons, and thanks to the spell not even the most violent of monsters will ever attack the Custodian. Of course, this is superfluous as the Custodian is the most badass thing there is, and could kick the butt of anything that tried to mess with him! He's also very sexy and generally totally aweso–OW!
… Uuum, strike that last part… the Custodian has a (magic) electrical chip implanted into his brain that shocks him whenever he tells a lie.

• Huplegrar Dura–Impaler
• Huplegrar Thorny Kata
• Huplegrar Shocker Prong
• Huplegrar Jugger–Heat
• Huplegrar Mauler Swordspear
• Huplegrar Rainblow Bomb
• Zornemian Sub–Bombardier
• Zornemian Cloaknark
• Hulptosian Electroid Blade
• Ergnoplian Concussive Machinegunner
• Joiemgaw Sonic Waveblaster
• Ergnoplian Plasmic Pelter
• Demonic Serpentine Cyclo–Dagger
• Demonic Death Tooba

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