Asgard - The Sky and the Sun Picture

After Oden gained wisdom and secret knowledge he had visions of Ragnarök, the end of his world. He decided to build an army to meet the threat. He looked for a place to house and to train this army. As he came to the world that would become Asgård he found that two other gods already where there. They where Tyr, the god of the sky, and Heimdall, the god of the sun.
These gods already was known and worshiped by the humans. Oden, the allfader to be, still was unknown.
Tyr and Heimdall saw the power in Oden and decided to join him. Oden gave Tyr the job to lead Oden's army. Tyr became the god of war. Heimdall got the task to watch out for danger and to warn the goods in Asgård if the giants or other monster attacked.


Here I'm adding a bit to the traditional stories. In Nordic Mythology Tyr is the good of war and Heimdall is the gaurdian of the bridge Bifrost. Most of the time they are sort of background characters when they appear in the stories. The most famous story with Tyr is when he loses his right arm when the Asa goods fetter Fenrisulven (that has of course not yet happened at the time of this picture).
The name Tyr is interesting as it can be traced back to the Indo-European sky good Dyeus. That makes Tyr sort of a cousin to Zeus/Jupiter. Tyr has probably been a mighty god in his own right before he became a part of the Asgård mythology.
Heimdall's origin is more unsure, but it is possible that he is an old sun god and that his origin goes back a looong time.
This is the background to this picture.

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