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Introducing an update on one of my old TT OCs, though I now just realized her uniform is way too similar to Garth's uniform and one of my OC's other uniforms. SO, I'm going to work on re-designing Water Pixie's uniform that way she doesn't look similar to Garth. xD

Hero Alias: Water Pixie
Real Name: Shannon Severson
Nicknames: Shan, and Pix (By her friends.)
Hero or Villain?: Hero
Team(s) and Partnership(s): The Team, and Cascade's sidekick.
Age: 14
DOB: November 20th
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 121 Pounds
Eye Color: Green
Hair: Short blonde hair that's to her shoulders, her hair is also straight.
Sexuality: Straight
Hometown: Marysville, Florida
Current city/town: Zodiac City, Florida

General Personality: Shannon is a very calm and compassionate girl, who's sometimes really clumsy. She's known for being a vegetarian due to her love for animals of every kind, even the small and 'disturbing' kind, she still loves them. She has a curiosity which leads herself into trouble, which she'll try to solve herself and later ask for help if she can't do it herself. Shannon like everyone else, has a temper, although it takes a while to get on her nerves which can lead to her holding a grudge which could last for a few days to possible weeks depending on what the person she's mad at does to upset her in the first place. Other than that, she's a really nice person to be around.
Good Traits: Calm, compassionate, honest, funny, and diligence.
Bad Traits: Clumsy, overly curious, a bit overly sensitive, clingy, and naive.
-To become a wildlife biologist
-Possibly taking over as Cascade when her mother retires
-Hurting someone by accident
-Not being good enough for her friends
-Becoming blind
Favorite Food: Lentil and Couscous stuffed peppers
Favorite Drink: Green Tea
Least Favorite Drink: Energy drinks and coffee
Favorite Time of Day: Early morning when the sun is rising
Least Favorite Time of Day: Night time
Favorite Movie(s):
- The Little Mermaid
-Mean Girls
Least Favorite Movie(s): Any type of horror movie, she will not watch due to her older brother scaring her with them when she was younger.
Favorite Book(s): She'll read anything involving mythology or animals, she doesn't like choosing favorites in books since she's read quite a lot.
Least Favorite Book(s): She tends to stay away from books that are related to sexual fantasies or anything inappropiate that she doesn't want to get into.
Favorite Song:
-Bubbly by Colbie Caillat
Favorite Band/Singer(s): Colbie Caillat, and Lenka
Least Favorite Band/Singer(s): Anything metal related, or hardcore, she doesn't like listening to.
Best Subject(s): History and English
Worst Subject(s): Geometry and gym

-Collecting seashells (As a young girl, her grandparents always took her to the beach to collect seashells, and after they passed away, Shannon continued to collect seashells since they reminded her about her grandparents. That and she always likes cleaning them out and using them as decorations in her room.)
-Reading (She loves getting into reading about animals and mythology, it makes her calm and happy to learn new things from reading. It also helps her focus more on her classes.)
-Swimming (When she was four years old, she learned how to swim from her mother, and she always enjoyed swimming after that. So as she grew older she went to the community indoor pool or when it was summer to the beach, she would spend 3-4 hours swimming.)
-Flute playing (She's still a beginner, but she does like to practice playing on her flute every once in a while)
-Cooking (Her brother taught her how to cook, and due to being a vegetarian she makes her own food a lot.)
-Yoga (In her training, her mother taught her yoga so she can become more calmer, and Shannon learned to love it. She still does yoga since it helps calm her down and usually does yoga on weekdays.)

- The sea is always my friend and sometimes my enemy
- I can't eat just anything, do you not know that I'm a vegetarian?
- We have to work together in order to help everyone and ourselves

Mother (Allie Severson/Cascade)- Shannon's relationship with her mother is very close, although they can have a few disagreements due to Shannon's choices and emotions. As a child, Shannon looked up her mother since she was a hero. She begged and begged her mother to let her become her sidekick, though her mother disagreed many times due to her being young and unexperienced that was until Shannon finally gained her powers and so her mother had to train her into using her abilities for good, though still didn't permit Shannon into becoming her sidekick due to her still being too young. It wasn't until Shannon was eleven was she able to become her mother's sidekick. Her mother put a lot of pressure on her so that she can understand the responsibility of being a hero, and it took a few months for Shannon to understand why her mother was putting a lot of pressure on her. They're still close even if Shannon tends to make a lot of mistakes in her training, that doesn't stop her from trying.
Father (Tristan Severson)- Shannon and her father are somewhat close, although due to his busy schedule and business trips he often doesn't talk to Shannon so much. He doesn't expect anything but for her to be happy while he's away and working. After Shannon became her mother's sidekick, her father was very upset but knew her mother was trying to teach their daughter on how to use her powers properly. He and Shannon do talk more and more as she gets older since he's scared of losing her when she decides to go to college and move out, so he tries to make time for her in the near future whenever he can.
Younger brother (Jaden Severson)- Jaden and Shannon don't speak too much, since Jaden is usually playing around with some video game or hanging out with his friends. They kind of have a rivalry due to Jaden having water manipulation as well and is better at using his powers than she is, which kind of ticks Shannon off a bit, though she tends to ignore it to focus on better things than starting fights with her nine year old brother.
Older brother (Matthew Severson)- Matthew and Shannon are close, when they want to be, but since Matthew's always busy with his homework or projects, he tends to forget about actually talking to his family. But Shannon understands his stress as a senior in high school, since he wants to graduate and move on with his life. Whenever they do hang out, they usually do it by watching comedy movies or animal documents, they joke a lot and have fun playing cards. When they do have arguments it's very rare due to both of them not having time to think of what to even argue about, and their grudges usually last for a few hours after they figure out how immature they're being.

-Tim Drake/Robin (She and Robin talk often, but she gets somewhat nervous around him, making her powers just lose a bit of control resolving into Robin getting soaked in water whenever they get too close and near water, Robin sees this a bit odd, but understand that she doesn't have too much control over water although he can get kind of annoyed that it always happens to him and not anyone else who gets near her.)
-Cassie Sandsmark/Wonder girl (Shannon and Cassie aren't too close to best friends or anything like that, at first Shannon thought Cassie was the only female on the team, until she met Dyani Flores. But before meeting Dyani, Shannon would talk to Cassie about casual stuff, and they continued talking until Shannon made it obvious that she wanted Cassie to be her friend.)
-Impulse/Bart Allen (Bart just reminds Shannon about her younger brother Jaden, since he's always in a rush in some situation.
- Dean Zanderson (Dean is Shannon's neighbor from down the street, he's an animal lover and a vegetarian, making him and Shannon very good friends. Though they can have their small time arguments but they never last too long until Shannon forgives him._
-Cody Rods (Cody is a classmate that Shannon once crushed on, and he was crushing on her, but due to it being just about looks, they just remained friends since Shannon didn't just want to just leave and forget past crushes, so they tend to hang out every once in a while.)
-Amanda Hills (Shannon's fellow classmates who's been held back, so Shannon tries and helps Amanda to proceed into the next grade so that she can graduate. Amanda usually tries and helps Shannon with boys and flirting, since Shannon helped Amanda with her homework, but Shannon isn't into the whole idea of flirting and meeting older guys that Amanda has suggested to her.)

Enemies/rivals (Or people they just don't understand or get along with):
-Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle (Shannon finds him kind of odd in some way, since Jaime tends to speak to himself, so she kind of thinks he's crazy. But later on, she finds out it's the scarab actually talking to Jaime, and Shannon experiences a 'oh....now I understand it." moment. She still kind of doesn't understand Jaime too much._
-The Light
-Lilian Tomton (A girl at school who makes fun of Shannon quite a lot due to being social with most of her friends and it really bugs Lilian.)

Crush(es): Tim Drake/Robin (At first, Shannon saw Robin as a good team mate for looking out for everyone. Though one night after a mission she thought went bad, they were taking down a villain on a rooftop, and just when Shannon couldn't be any clumsier, she fell backwards off the roof and then Robin saved her from falling. After that Shannon started crushing on Tim, unsure if she should tell him or not. )

Past Relationship(s):
-Cody Rods (It wasn't really a "serious" relationship, she and Cody kissed a few times, they thought they liked each other, but they didn't. Which lead to them just staying friends, they do tend to talk to each other from time to time, just nothing flirty like.)

Non-powered abilities:
-Acrobatics (She's very skilled in her acrobatics due to her mother teaching since she was eight, she's very good in acrobatics. Although, she feels like she needs to improve in this category even though she's better using this skill than her water manipulation.)
-Hand to hand combat (Shannon isn't good in using this skill mostly because she's clumsy, and is usually the one on the team that gets extended training due to this skill being very low.)
-Water manipulation (Even though she's had six years of training, Shannon isn't good at using her water manipulation in offensive type of ways, but she's a very good defender while using this skill. She still tries to accomplish using her powers to try and make weapons but usually fails due to her losing focus, being clumsy, or just feeling pressured.)
Fighting style(s):
She tends to try and think a bit before running into battle, she's mostly used as defense due to her being good at only making water shields and not weapons. She does tend to go into battle, only using her acrobatic and hand to hand combat skills.
Any Weapon(s)?: A shield is her only line of defense, she's still trying to improve in creating weapons out of water.

Basic info (what it's made out, how it helps benefit the user and all that stuff, AND maybe talk about how the user likes or dislikes the costume, how they plan on making it better.) :
- Do they like/dislike it: Shannon likes her uniform since it's easy to move in and to swim in.
- What are the materials: Flexible material?
-Would they make it different in some way in the near future, or is it a update of a past uniform they've had? The uniform she's wearing is kind of an update, since originally her uniform didn't include leggings, and Shannon not wanting to be cold during the cold summer nights, decided it would be best to have leggings.

-Lack of Water source (When there's no water source nearby, it makes it harder for her to control any water unless she provides it herself by bringing it herself, but that would take too much for her to bring her own.)
-Emotional state (whether it her being mad, sad, or confused, the water around her will lose it's control either splashing all over people or becoming much larger and untamable for Shannon to handle to where she stops and it explodes.)
-Very clumsy (On some occasions, Shannon might trip or fall for running too fast to catch up to the team or trying to focus too hard on using her abilities. Still she attempts to stop being clumsy only for it to backfire by making her even clumsier.)

Shannon Severson was born in Marysville, Florida and was raised by her parents, Tristan and Allie Severson. Allie whom was a hero called Cascade spent all of her free time trying to raise her two kids Shannon and Matthew. When Jaden was born, around when Shannon was five, the family moved up the state to Zodiac City, a really busy city that Allie started to protect when Shannon was eight.
Throughout her childhood, Shannon watched her mother on television inspired by her good deeds to a point where Shannon wanted to work with her. Only to have her mother disapprove of the idea since she didn't have powers to protect her, which led to Shannon begging even more. When Shannon was finally eight, she gained her powers, which led to her mother agreeing to train Shannon in using her abilities, just not taking Shannon on any missions or patrols, but Shannon gladly accepted that she could do training with her mother.
It took another two years for Shannon to become her mother's sidekick, though Shannon was just allowed to watch her mother fight and only insist her mother if her mother let her. While on patrols or missions, Shannon became better in using her water manipulation to defend people, although she couldn't use her powers to create weapons due to Shannon being too clumsy when coming up with weapons or fighting people directly.
A few years later, after being her mother's sidekick for about four years, her mother thought it was the right time for her to start getting social with other young heroes about her age. Shannon didn't seem too amused with the idea since she didn't want to be a bother to her mother getting her into a special group, and didn't know any of the team mates she would soon meet.
Before she could actually meet the team, her mother had to have certain league members watch Shannon's skills to see if she was a good addition to the team. Although, when having the league members watch Shannon she felt nervous and clumsy and immediately ended up screwing up when using her skills on a training program. After that, Shannon felt embarrassed and ashamed since she felt like she let her mother down for not doing good enough in the performance for the league members. Shannon left rapidly after the performance, as her mother spoke with the league members.
Hours later, Shannon's mother told Shannon that she was accepted into the group, but she needed to keep practicing with her powers a lot more than usual. Shannon was very surprised to hear this, even if she didn't want to join the group, she might as well please her mother by joining the group to improve in her social and teamwork skills.
When joining the team, she didn't open up to the team too quickly, it took her a week or so to open up, but when she did she started talking to Cassie and became quick friends with her. Robin on the other hand seemed rather quiet and serious, she didn't seem to understand what was so important about hiding his identity from his team mates. Though she ignored it, and tries speaking to him more on a more friendly level.
Still as a team mate, she's pretty fair and good, since she believes they should put aside their differences and fight together as one team instead of against each other on certain occasions, but sometimes gets ignored for even bringing it up. Until the team actually listens to her at the last minute, and so she still works with the team so she can improve her skills. (I'll have to update this a bit more soon. XD cause I wasn't sure how to end it.)

I really hope you all like Shannon, I'll post more of Shannon in the future. That and I'm most likely going to update her profile as well. Just need time to figure some things out. XP


Shannon Severson/Water Pixie and other OCs I thought in this profile belong to ME.
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