Summer White Picture

"Hail, men of grey Arawn! My master comes, the Golden One, he who is ancient yet ever young. He whom no bird's wings can outstrip, whose flame shrivels all feathers, consumes all flesh. Do you hear me, men of the Western World? Then tremble. Nergal comes, the Lord of the Abyss, the Lord of the burning summer sun! He that rises out of Meslam, the Underworld, to blast every green and growing thing. He that of old dragged Ereshkigal, Queen of the Eastern Dead, from her ancient throne by the hair of her terrible head. He that turned her pride to cringing fear and made her the weak receiver of his seed. Even so will he deal with your Brenhines-y-nef, with your Modron, the Mother. Too long has She queened it here, over you gelded weaklings of the West. She shall learn Her place, the woman's place! East and west the dead shall know but one Lord: Havgan the Destroyer!"
-Mabinogion by Evangeline Walton

I've absolutely fallen in love with Evangeline Walton's writing. Havgan was built up as such a delightfully evil villian I just had to picture him. I'll admit it's probably not for everyone but I'd absolutely recommend this book.
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