Reaper Picture

Really old pic but I thought what the hell, a reaper also known as shinigamis (in japan) they are often dressed in black, they have pitch black eyes & come to take the souls of the dead into the next world, what happens with them remains a mystery for those who still live in this world, some say they become ghosts, some say they are reborned, some say heaven, some say hell, some say they simply cease to exist. They age very slowly du to their SOUL EXTRACTION magic but will turn wrinkly after a few lifetimes but can stay alive as long as they extract souls.
TELEPATHY: can contact others through mind, link own mind with others
SOUL MAGIC: manipulation of souls
------SOUL EXTRACTION: can separate a soul from a dead or weak body

------ILLUSION MANIPULATION (memory): can generate illusions to show & relive memories, limited to memories
------INVINSIBILITY: can only be seen if close to death

TELEKINESIS: can manipulate and object or living creatures through mind
------TELEKINETIC FORCE: able to create powerful blasts & shock waves
------FLIGHT: able to levitate oneself
------DIMENSIONAL MAGIC: can bend fabrics of space, allowing to temporary create wormholes to travel through worlds. movement.

LIGHT: light damages a reaper incredibly & sun light is fatal & kills most reapers quickly if exposed by sun light

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