Fire Lord Leonardo Amatus Picture

Name: Leonardo Amatus
Sex: Male
Age: 33
Species: Eastern Three Headed Chimera
Birth Date: July 30th
Nation: Hephaestus
Body Size: Large
Muscle Build: Average/Fit
Height: Around 6-7 feet
Length: 12 feet long, including Ciel.
Weight: 350 lb
Occupation: Fire Lord of Hephaestus
Specialty Job:
-Lore Seeker
-Arcane Scholar
-(Open Slot)

-Hunter's Guild: -Will Join-
-Explorer's Guild -Possibly?-

Likes (in no particular order): Very Spicy Food, The Garden by Radiance Manor, Sunbathing, His nation, his pets, lore, exploration

Dislikes (In no particular order): Swimming (is tolerated though), Slave Traders, very dry foods, Sandworms, buzzing noises

-Intelligent and can think fast in sticky situations.
-Strong Defense and Attack. Much Higher Defense than Attack though.
-Moderate Fire Magic.
-High Confidence in what he does.

-Rather slow and can be an easy target.
-His emotions can get the better of him, acting how how he feels rather than thinking first. He’s gotten better at it due to being leader.
-Fear of Failure- can be completely shut down if used against him.
-Not all that great at Long ranged attacks.

Relationship Status: Single
Leonardo isn’t all too open when it comes to being in a relationship. It’ll take a lot to woo this guys.

Leonardo can be described of being very kind and thoughtful for others. Being raised by the High Priest in his teenage years, Leonardo honed in on being very patient and considerate towards others. He does his best not to judge and be on an equal playing field. He has a tendency to act on emotions though and would be rather expressives towards his feelings and opinions. If another disagrees with him, he can become a bit irritable. This has died down progressively as being a leader and having to make sacrifices and think of others. His role as a leader has taught him to be more observant and attentive to others.

Along with his extensive studies under the High Priest, Leonardo is quite knowledgeable of his own nation. Whether it be the history and lore of the land or the politics that run the place. With his extensive knowledge, many of his people do go to him for advice, opinions, or aid. The Fire Lord is quite approachable and open, especially to his people. He keeps a confident and joyful appearance when around others. He keeps up the appearance and always tries to be positive, even when he is utterly depressed or negative. Although lighthearted and approachable, Leonardo can be rather serious. When it comes to any topic, he takes it to heart and do his best to understand it. He may take things a little too seriously and focus too much on it. This leads to a lot of stress and worry. He takes walks or goes to the gardens to relax if that happens.

Leonardo has high confidence in his abilities but does not get overly cocky with it. When he doesn’t feel like he is up to the challenge, he will openly admit it, not wanting to get himself into more trouble. He isn’t one to jump into trouble when he knows he may not be able to tackle it alone. Careful planning and strategizing is something Leonardo seems to be very well at. He can be rather antsy under pressure but will do his best to keep a cool stature. Leonardo isn’t one to look highly of himself but more equally to everyone around him. He has his struggles, the ups and down in life, just like any ordinary person. He doesn’t look down upon others for not being of high status, he believes anyone can go up and down the ladder of status.

The other side of Leonardo is his fun, childish side. It is rather rare to see, as Leonardo tries to keep a “serious and mature” stature amongst his people and peers. If one is able to see this side of him, this must mean they’ve gotten quite close. He acts rather playful, making jokes and being rather silly in general. He has a big imagination and curiosity, he loves to learn whatever he can get his hands on and would love to explore the world if he wasn’t too busy with his work as a Leader. He took up a Specialty Job, Lore Seeker, so he can get a little closer to his love of lore. Anytime one talks of traditions, lore, history, etc, it gets Leonardo excited and eager to listen. He may be a bit persistent to know more, getting a bit annoying with his constant questions.

Each of the Four heads have distinct personalities that can be described as being 4 broken parts of Leonardo’s full personality and emotions. Each express one emotion of personality trait better than the others. Over all, the above is what all heads have and act accordingly. They all are able to communicate to each other internally and be able to say thin

The middle lion head is the main head and goes by the nickname “Leo”. The Lion head does most of the talking and communicating. The other heads remain rather quiet and will talk if they feel they missed something or talking to others. He expresses “Leonardo’s” full personality best. He seems to exaggerate his bold and powerful personality. Being rather jolly and optimistic.

The right dragon head incompasses Leonardo’s knowledge. He goes by the nickname “Tai”. He speaks in a soothing and calm voice, talking with high vocabulary. He seems rather stoic and emotionless but in reality, Tai can be quite expressive when it comes to opinions and topics he’s rather fond of. He can be rather stuck up and very blunt. He’s states it like it is and has no regret informing it.

The left goat head incompasses Leonardo’s strong emotions. He goes by the nickname of “Yale”. A very expressive and loud mouthed head, Yale could be viewed as the serious, grumpy side of Leonardo. He shows his emotions much more strongly when Leonardo fully is feeling very strong about something. When angered or upset, Yale is one to thrash out and yell at others, making the other heads filled with emotions, doing the same as well. Usually one to never think before acting. When he finally cools down, he seems very apologetic for his actions and does his best to make up for it.

The snake tail incompasses Leonardos’s innocence and soft side. He goes by the nickname “Ciel”. A name given to him by Lady Fiara. The snake tail never seemed to express a lot other than the emotions the other heads show. Since taking on leadership and gaining some attention from the past leader, Ciel has become more expressive. He shows the innocence and child like behaviors Leonardo had lost in his youth. He’s rather timid and finicky, only ever speaking to the other leaders or heads in a whisper. He would curl up and hide if embarrassed.

With four different heads, it is easy to tell when Leonardo lies, is uncomfortable, anxious, hiding something, etc. For example, One or more of the heads would show a slight expression of discomfort when one lies or is feeling rather anxious. Ciel would curl up or Yale would give a slight twitch of frustration. He usually fesses up as he dislikes the discomfort. Some expressions are much easier to read than others, but that’s a whole other novel to cover. : D

Leonardo’s history, to most, is a mystery. He is never fond of talking about it, nor eager to really share it with those who are close. From what he tells others, “My past shall be left at that, in the past. I have struggled and accomplished so much, I rather set my sights on the future.” To those who know of his tragic past, it is at times visibly seen through his character.

In the beginning, Leonardo was born to the tribe by the name of “ Huchnom”. The People of the Mountain. His mother and father were powerful chiefs of the tribe and had a nice settlement in the southern part of Asche Mountains. The tribe was a big one, consisting of over 100 tribal members. They were one of the strongest of tribes of the mountains and ruled victoriously. Soon settling in the high mountains to the south. His parents have struggled to have a child and finally were blessed with a small cub. He was considered small but the tribe shaman foresaw the cub to be a great leader one day. His parents were eager to raise a leader, naming him Leonardo.

Leonardo’s childhood was short but well cherished in his heart. He was very curious and always finding a way to get into places he shouldn’t be getting into. He drove his parents mad but had always loved him unconditionally. They let him play and explore because that is what children needed to do. “A curious and imaginative mind, is a mind that is always willing to expand and see the world in a different light.” Is what he mother would always say. They had times where they needed to discipline Leo, but had always been loving and gave him the freedom to explore.

When he was still a young child, his father taught him the basics of being a leader and how to hunt. Leonardo was taught how to hunt like a predatory beast. Staying low, careful eyes and ears, and knowing when to strike. He was tested with his strengths and weaknesses at a young age. He lived a carefree and loved life, Leonardo enjoyed every minute of it.

This had all changed when Leonardo turned 9 or 10. A raid had happened in his village in the middle of the night, killing many of his people including his father. His mother had tried to escape with her confused cub, only to be captured and sold as a slave in E.C.. Leonardo, alongside his mother were slaves to a strict and powerful Mafia boss who ran an underground slave trade with Alluvia.

Leonardo’s life took a depressing turn, seeing his people continually abused and in shambles. For a young child, it was scary and he had no one to turn to. He couldn’t see his mother as often and when he did, he would see her scarred and bruised. The only time he had received any love in these times were when he would see his mother. He would cry and beg in her arms, wanting to make a change. To escape. Whenever he rebelled against the authority, he’d get punished but his mother would also get the punishment as well. They would blame her for raising an unruly child and punish her for it. He wanted to fight back but couldn’t in fear of hurting his mother even more. She was becoming frail and weak, he didn’t want her to die here, like many of his people were fated to die of.

Around the age of 18, Leonardo had had enough. Eight years of suffering, he couldn’t take it anymore. His mother was on the verge of dying and many of his people continued to come in and suffer the fate he was in. After careful planning and weeks of agonizing torture, Leonardo was able to break out miraculously, carrying his mother on his back. Others have escaped alongside him, they all had their lucky breaks, escaping capture and death.

It was a long couple of weeks when they had reached the border to Erionok. Leonardo had pressed on and did his best to keep their spirits high. Every step they took, was a step closer to freedom, close to returning home. The sun rose as they stepped into the plains of Erionok, as if Zhulong was welcoming them with warmth. Leonardo bursted into tears when they entered the peaceful land of Erionok. He was free at last.

Leonardo had soon passed out from exhaustion, having a few of his fellow prisoners to help carry him. When he awoken, he was face to face with a small Kitsune, a face he was unfamiliar with. The Kitsune was a high figure in Hephaestus, High Priest, Itzli. He had explained he visits Erionok to talk with other monks and Priests, discussing on peace and prosperity across Rapsodine. While Itzli went out for a walk, he had found the group, carrying Leonardo. He took them in his care and aided them with food and warmth. The Priest listened to their stories of imprisonment and suffering and encouraged them to the best of his ability.

The young chimera was awed at the Priest’s high life state and all that night, he asked questions after questions while his mother slept next to him. The day before the group would head back to Hephaestus with the Priest, Leonardo’s mother passed on in her sleep. Leonardo was devastated that she had passed before ever reaching home, though knew she was happy in the end. They decided to take her home and bury her in Brennende. Having her fully rest in Hephaestus.

When they arrived in Brennende, they had a memorial service to his mother and stayed together for awhile until they found their way back to their homes. The other’s had went back home if they learned their tribe or town was okay. He had learned his whole tribe was wiped out when he was taken in nearly 10 years ago. His home fully gone and his only family dead, Leonardo was lost. Itzli saw this and felt sympathy for him, taking the young Chimera as his own.

For the next couple of years and even until now, Leonardo learned everything he knows from Itzli. Whenever he had some problem or issue, he would vent to Itzli as he would always listen. When it came around the time Leonardo turned 25, he was suggested to Fiara from Itzli to be the Second in Command. He was absolutely dumbfounded and honoured when Fiara agreed to Itzli’s suggestion, ranking the apprentice of the Priest to Second in Command.

Leonardo went on to prove Fiara and his people that he will continually work to aid them. Soon after, the war had begun and a new turmoil of issues begun. Leonardo was determined to win, to save his people from the clutches of E.C. The war took a toll on the people, soon losing its beloved Leader, Lady Fiara. It crushed Leonardo but he had to continue on.

Soon after her death, the tides of war shifted. The nations now work together to purify the Grimjaw that plagues Arranudo. Leonardo may have conflicting feelings on aiding them, but has learned to forgive and take on his new role as Fire Lord of Hephaestus.

CLOTHING: -Most commonly seen in-

Fire Lord of Hephaestus - Leonardo - Basic Look here

~Fire Lord's Necklace: A necklace with the symbol of Hephaestus on it. It also has small gems underneath it, representing it's respect to Fiara, the previous leader of Hephaestus.
~World Eater Armlet (fire) : Is worn usually around the right arm. He does change it every now and then but usually has it there.
~Golden Earrings: Usually switched around from the different heads, currently on Tai's left ear. Simple Gold and small looped earrings.


Leonardo - Armor Attire

Fire Lord Armor
Made of the strongest metals found in Hephaestus, Leonardo sports nearly the strongest of armor that his nation can produce. Metal plating go along his back, front of the chest, and arms. Underneath the armor and on his belly is tightly made chain mill with leather going underneath it. The armor also has a simple gold design across the edges of the armor. Leonardo does wear a helm/mask for each head but only wears them during combat.

None at the Moment-

I. Lion’s Battle Claws- Taking out his sharp claws, Leonardo will slash at any opponent when close. He will dig his claws deep in an opponent and will not let go.
II. Savage Bite- At the right moment, Leonardo will bite down very hard onto a person’s arm or leg (depends on species really). He will either continually bite down and rip it apart or lock down, not letting go.

I. Predatory Stalk- When in stealth mode, Leonardo will creep low and silently, his eyes focused to detail and ears staying sharp on target.
II. Eyes of the Cat- At night, Leonardo is able to see clearly without much issue.
III. Fire Resistant Fur- When hit with fire moves, Leonardo’s fur will not burn for long and halving the damage of Fire moves.

Spells that you have to activate, summon, perform an act or saying to cast
1) Tri-Flare Combustion- The three heads shoot out three large fiery orbs that combine together, forming a large, bright orb. Leonardo would give a gentle nod in a direction and wherever it lands will explode into a fiery combustion. Costs rather large amount of energy.
2) Raging Lion- Giving himself a running start, Leonardo will charge at the target. Fire will start spewing from his front paws and maw, tackling the target with a lot of power. The attack takes a lot of damage for both parties, having a slight chance of burning for the target.
3) Burning Poison Fang- Due to his Dragon / Snake side, he is able to produce poison from his fangs. With a single bite from this move, the target will feel as if they are aflame. This causes them immense pain and insanity for a moment.

1) Flaming Shield - a Fiery vortex surrounds Leonardo and any ally close by, this protects them from any incoming attacks for 10 minutes. It can be easily extinguished with a powerful water attack.
2) Bathe in Light- When Leonardo sits out in the sun when injured and clears his head, small wounds will start to slowly heal. He must be out in the sun, not sitting in the shade or inside.

Enchanted Accessories
World Eater Armlet (fire) : (Currently worn) Is worn usually around the right arm. He does change it every now and then but usually has it there. When worn, it grants:
Geothermal Pool (fire): Creates a pool of energy that gradually and constantly gives energy to the user and nearby allies, allowing them to use the pool’s energy in place of their own when using skills. Lasts for 15 minutes and requires 5 hours to recharge. Pool depletes more quickly the more people that are using it.

~Relationships: -Coming Soon-
~Pets: -Coming Soon-
~Old Reference: {link}

-TBA, Will be organized in chronological order-

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