Nava-Verse Archives #23: Primal Deities Picture

Many Primal Deities inhabit the Nava–Verse. Here are some of the less powerful ones, which also provide examples of each of the different classes such beings are divided into.

Yohr’Bansa: Yohr’Bansa is a “male” (as it self–identifies) Serpentine–Class deity who lurks on Zornemim, and was always a Serpentine, rather than beginning existence as an Idol. His element of physical association is plant–life, his powers include empowerment of mortals and the ability to spew acid, and his durability value is 15,000, extremely high for a being of his size (about 2.5 meters long), even a Primal Deity. His voice is soothing yet sinister; snake–like.
Yohr’Bansa is one of the smallest beings of his kind, and claims to be the speaker for the small and oppressed. Thus, the race with whom he has had most of his dealings is the Trylepibes. In Age 749, he stirred up an unsuccessful revolution against their Demioid overlords, which ultimately cost the lives of several thousand Trylepibes for nothing. For genuinely sympathizing with the slave race and wanting to overthrow the evil Demioids, he could almost be seen as a “good guy”. But when he saw that the uprising he had started was doomed to fail, Yohr’Bansa retreated deep underground in shame and has not been seen since. However, many Trylepibes still pray to him in hopes that he will one day help them rise up again, prayers that will most likely never be reciprocated.
He has three Tikis jutting out from his actual head. A Tiki is a sub–entity of a Primal Deity that personifies an aspect of their personality. Yohr’Bansa’s tikis’ aspects are Spite, Envy (the emotion; not to be confused with the Deadly Sin itself) and Self–Righteousness. They each have minds of their own, despite a generic and lifeless appearance, and can even talk over the actual Primal Deity whenever they want.

Alth’Solda: Alth’Solda is an Elemental–Class deity that is physically a giant (5 meters tall) humanoid pillar of white–hot fire and lives inside the suns present in each octant. Sol, the central sun of the Prime Galaxy, is off–limits to it, however. It (again, genderless) is such an egomaniac that it wants nothing less than to literally control the very stars themselves. However, it can actually do little more than change the appearance and color of stars in an effort to gain the attention of mortals. Thus, for most, Alth’Solda’s presence results in little more than aesthetic annoyance. Hardly anyone actually worships it. One notable individual who looked up to this deity, however, was Fire–Egg of the legendary Eggmen Super Team, who came to recognize Alth'Solda as a symbol of inspiration later in his career of heroism.
Up close however, Alth’Solda is much more dangerous. For one, just touching its body would incinerate most, and even if one was somehow immune to that there is still the matter of the deity being a master warrior that can shoot fire even more intense than that of its body from a laser cannon on one arm, and has a powerful fist on the other. And though its durability value is relatively low for a Primal Deity at 12,000, Alth’Solda has never been vanquished for these reasons. Again, however, it’s not much of a threat to begin with unless one tries to confront it. The Prime Galaxy is lucky that no other, more powerful sun–based Primal Deity exists who could exploit the stars in more violent ways.

Fein’Zerroc the Staph: Fein’Zerroc is a “male” Guardian–Class deity who roams from planet to planet. Guardian–Class deities are beings who do not seek active worship like other Primal Deities, but instead act as guardians of powerful artifacts that are tied to the fabric of their beings. They will only relinquish their artifacts to those who are able to best and destroy them in a battle. This feat is nigh–on impossible to all but the most powerful mutants, but the Guardian deities desperately want to be destroyed in a fair fight so that their artifacts can be wielded and see use; this is the equivalent of being worshipped for them. Of course, they don’t actually die when they are destroyed; in fact, their very consciousness resides inside the artifact. When the wielder dies, the Guardian deity is reborn, made more powerful from collecting their soul, and begins searching for another champion.
Fein’Zerroc’s artifact is a large and enchanted “Staph” designed for battle. It shoots concentrated blasts of each of the five primary elements. At once.
Out of all Guardian deities, he is one of the weakest and most eager to relinquish his power. In fact, he’s almost “suicidal”. His durability value is “only” 10,000. In terms of personality, though, he’s a sadomasochist; he may be easy to take on by the standards of Primal Deities, but that does not make him easy in the slightest. If you’re not prepared for an epic fight, Fein’Zerroc will not hesitate to skin you alive and make pastries from your insides.
Fein'Zerroc the Staph should also be noted as being a rare example of a Primal Deity whose name includes a descriptive title that he himself insists upon.

Geoth’Einsin: Geoth’Einsin is an asexual Mage–Class deity. Most Mage–Classes are more–or–less humanoid–sized beings made of several floating stones held together in a form by visible beams of energy. Their heads are the only parts that are organic. Geoth’Einsin’s headpiece, obviously, is a giant eyeball. It has always dwelled on the planet Crucbicile, in the Epsilon Octant, where its influence periodically waxes and wanes. On average, about 5% of the planet’s humanoid population at any given time worships it. Geoth’Einsin speaks telepathically to its followers (and its followers exclusively) due to lacking a mouth. Its durability value is about 13,000.
Its array of powers is similar to the abilities of Envy demons, though amplified several times and the spells drawn from Primal Energies rather than Dark Magic. Its ultimate attack involves emitting a series of deadly gamma rays from the epicenter of its eyeball. The eyeball is also, as one might guess, the only vulnerable part of Geoth’Einsin, as it is the only part that’s actually alive. The same is true of other Mage deities and their headpieces.
In Age 430, an assassination attempt was made on the High King of Crucbicile in the name of Geoth’Einsin. This is known because the assassin screamed the deity’s name repeatedly during the assault. Of course, he may have just been an insane lunatic randomly yelling out a random name; unlikely.

Xexe’Heloya: Xexe’Heloya is a “female” Idol–Class deity who shares many similarities with Pipi’Loan, but is considerably weaker. Both are Idol–Class and have feminine traits, though only Xexe’Heloya identifies herself as female and thus can truly be called one. Like Pipi’Loan, Xexe’Heloya had a stranglehold over an entire race and planet for years: the Wabacawlers on Finngaed in the Omega Octant (the portion of the Prime Galaxy doomed to always have the darkest history, it seems). During the years 234 through 306, Xexe’Heloya had almost every Wabacawler enthralled to her wicked will, and made them all her slaves. What allowed her to remain in power so long was the force field she erected around the entire planet, which prevented outsiders from entering its biosphere for decades until it finally wore off enough to be penetrated by angels who then overthrew the idol and liberated the Wabacawlers. This is the inverse of Pipi’Loan’s effect on planet Kugrun, where a force field was put in place by God after the deity’s defeat, trapping the natives on their own planet as punishment for worshipping it.
Xexe’Heloya is one of the only Idol deities whose entire body does not magically float; rather, she is kept afloat by a magical twirling propeller below the rest of her body. This proved to be her undoing in Age 306, when an angel delivered a powerful blast that cut the propellor off of the deity and send her falling to the ground where she could be easily disposed of. Her durability value is 20,000.
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