Selene and Endymion Picture

Artist: Original Deviation: [link]
Artist statement: It is a very important Goddess, although she didn't have too many temples. Archetypical moon is a symbol of human emotions and the subconscious. Therefore C.G Jung, elaborated the motif of the moon, in one's theory of the psychoanalysis and granted crucial meaning it, as the main, archetypal symbol of human emotions. The moon is most important especially at the woman. Not only our biorhythm, is in accordance with the cycle of the moon, but also our emotions, are lunar similar. Once we are strong, like the full moon, and with times weak and we are fading away in the shadow of the sun - man, as the moon during the new moon. Selene as the personification of the moon, was also the Goddess of love. But completely different than carnal love , based exclusively on desire, which provided patronage Aphrodite. Selene was a goddess of true, faithful, given back love, stronger than the death and separation. With one word - of romantic love.
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