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Character Profile and Biography

Full body picture:
Full name: Unknown
Nicknames: Pe'sucho
Age: 22
Occupation: Tracker, Bounty hunter & Assassin

Physical description and Appearance

Pe'sycho is quite tall for a female, and as agile as she seems to be.
Having quite long hair, and wearing them in two long knots.
Wearing an orange shirt combined with red stripes, and titanium armor in a similar color.
She has long orange hair, and a sort of symbol on her forehead.
A small red circle with an orange ball on the inside, which seems the source of her great power.


Pe'sucho appears the way she is: Silent & Extremely loyal.
Though she never talks, she's often showing emotion during fights.
Mostly aggresive behavior towards her enemies, or people she's been asked to track down or destroy.
Whenever people question her speechless behavior, she would simply blast them in their face.
As she also stated on her paper, she doesn't talk or wants to be asked questions that require an answer.
But in most occations, she just shakes her head to say yes or no.


Her background is undetermined and unknown to anyone but family ties.
How she gained her ability is unknown as well , though many speculated that she was born with them.

It's known that she's been locked in a prison for five years for exploiting her powers to destruction.
But with tenacity and patience, she broke her prison and left it in rubbish and ruins.

Before her years in prison, she has never been known to communicate or even speak.
She created a small poster, and showed them to many criminal organisations, to serve them for their purpose.
Many assumed she couldn't speak, or maybe just never learned it or that she turned shy in prison.

Relationships currently:

- Demolitionist to the L.O.M & The spec.force


- titanium armor near her thighs


- Solar blast
- Fire jolts
- Breath of fire
- Fire balls
- Fire surroundings

Fighting style

Pe'sucho's fighting style can relate to a brute and harsh one.
Like the Petsuchos, she's using her solar powers to annihilate & to crush.
She's always using her power to the extreme, generating jolts and balls of fire: Or blasting her solar beam.
She uses the surroundings to her advantage, and relies on them to tackle her enemies at times.

Advantages in battle

The brighter the sun, the more powerful her charged beam can become.
But even without a full sun, her attacks always gain full damage towards buildings or people.
She's agile as well as an absorbing person: Capable of drawing the attacks that are based of fire into her.
Once absorbed, she's able to unleash a beam that's twice as powerful as before.

Disadvantages in battle

When the sun is blocked, or the night is falling, her attacks lose strength.
Even though she's prepared on these situations, enemies can draw her out when it's night.
Another disadvantage comes from her arrogance, she's always pushing herself to destroy her enemy, and keep her loyalty.
But sometimes she's pushing her attacks too far, and can get knocked back out of balance.

Her greatest vulnerability can result in her charged solar blast exploding near her or in her face.
This is also her greatest strength, and it has only been used against her twice, she's usually prepared.

Additional Info

Likes: Submitting herself to a partner or ally / Using the power of the sun to devastate & destroy anything
Dislikes: Betrayal / An eclipse / Being mocked
Favorite Color: Red & Yellow
Favorite Food: Churro's
Family Members: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Female
Strengths: A bright sun
Weaknesses: A surrounding without light or the sun


- She resembles Combustion man from the Legend of Aang: She doesn't talk, and controls a very powerful fire ability.
- Her name often relates to Psycho, but is based of the egypt crocodile: The Petsuchos.
A creature that like her, had the ability to fire a sun focused blast on it's enemies.
- Her family members are unknown, but her mother to controls the same ability.
- She never talks, only chuckles and makes other simple noises.
- She has an incredible hatred towards people that mock her.
- She was first apprehended by SHIELD who also had no idea about her whereabouts.
Instead of locking her up at their base, they sent her to a different prison in Europe.
- She has no interests in male, only females for love relationships.
- She has many cutmarks, and a few scars on her face, the origin of those scars in unknown.
Some speculate that her powers caused them, but scars can't come from fire as others assumed.

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