Cath Maige Tuired: Lugh's Challenge Picture

Lugh arrives from the west ([link]) and issues his challenge to Balor, slayer of Nuada. This is that moment.

Several people have mentioned that the scene doesn't look tense or confrontational enough; I, in part, agree. But I wanted Lugh to have a serene and noble bearing in this scene, while Balor smiles and leers at him as he and the Formorii circle Lugh like wolves. I just had a lot of trouble executing this scene for some reason--the colored pencils just wouldn't let me get as detailed as I had wanted. Most of the detail was added with gouache and a tiny brush. The thing I was pleased with was the glow coming off of Lugh; it was difficult to put down right. Gouache to the rescue!

6+ hours, gouache, metallic gouache, and colored pencil.

Copyright MRC 2012.
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