Many Colors of the Spirit Picture

Many colors of the Spirit
Many lives below the sun
We are colors of the Spirit
We are many, we are one.”

I was playing Zoo Tycoon 2: Marine Mania this week and got into the mood to draw a pair of orcas. Then somehow that morphed into a conservation-esque message backed by Journey’s “Colors of the Spirit” O_o. The Spirit is usually depicted (at least in what tribal art I’ve seen) as an eagle shining in many colors (more often than not, the whole rainbow)… although the idea works for this, too xD. I seem to be connecting to my Native American roots in art a lot lately…

And yes, the parent whale is supposed to be the mother – her dorsal fin came out a little too tall and straight, though, so it could be the father instead – I still say mother, tho xDD.

Just for the record, this is technically not a sparkle picture, since they’re normal orcas… just reflecting colors off their skin xDD. One of the few non-sparkle pics I’ve done since I went digital lol. So don’t start bitching about how there’s now “sparklewhales” (which I assure you, have been done) ;D. On the other hand, they’re still kinda sparkly – whale’s skin doesn’t refract light into colors, so they sort of fit the sparkle bill, I guess.

Art © to me
Tiberia [girl-ified Captain Kirk FTW!] and Polar (names of my whales in the game lol) © to me
The most awesome of the mainstream Native-themed songs (“Colors of the Spirit”) © Journey

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