King of All Dragons: King FireHeart (redrawn) Picture

Have you ever wondered what'll it'll be like to be the strongest being alive, what is like to conquer everything that stands in your way?, I can answer that because I am the strongest in all the universe, I am a force of nature, I am The Dragon King!
-FireHeart shouting to the world

"In the universe, God made all creatures; be it superhuman or normal beings, to be equal to each other, I believe God forgot that he made a monster out of a king!"
-The researchers of S.W.O.R.D. describing FireHeart

"Hail to our King, He is the most powerful dragon who ever and will ever existed!"
-DarkCrown and the other Dragons of Athichon shouting to the World

"With the strength no god can match and the heart that even fear cannot consume, FireHeart is very dangerous if he is on the wrong side of good and evil."
-Jonathan Kliesen Describing FireHeart

FireHeart is the very embodiment of Ferocity, Power, Strength, Anger, Fire, and Intensity. Not only he is the strongest of his kind, but the strongest of all beast, no weapon can kill him, nor no weapon of a non existent plain can, his body is like armor that repels anything thrown at him, and his strength can destroy even the strongest of all Gods, he can rip through even the toughest of metal, his fire is blue, and it is a billion times hotter than the sun, He could burn anything into nothing, not even a handful of ashes, but what makes this dragon fierce is his gift from his father, an ability that can create a mountain of weapons that 'll explode through the ground and sunder anything in its path, be it good or bad, and he can do all that damage with just one punch through the ground.
-God, describing FireHeart

Lore: FireHeart was the youngest of the "Threeborns" of the previous Dragon King of Athichon, Irontalon the Metalfeather, he is chosen to be the next Dragon King after the discovery of his eldest brother, FiReptile, being the one responsible for the assassination of their father, and the sick condition his sister has encountered. When being baptised as the New Dragon King of Athichon, he is soon dubbed by his people as "The Greatest King of Kings", realizing that with his gifts and god-like strength made him impossible to be defeated, his older brother, FiReptile ask of him to go to the world they call MidGardus, which is truly named Earth. The only way to teleport to another world, is to use the mystical Gate of Luminy, when he enters to the other world, FiReptile suddenly destroys the gate, leaving his brother stranded in the world of the one species the Dragons can never forget, Humans, the one creature that nearly slayed his kind to extinction, but upon entering to Earth, he discovered that not all humans are evil, as he even met a female human named Meera Kliesen, soon, the World FireHeart thought stranded now becomes the world he would protect from the upcoming Evil ahead.

Physical Description: FireHeart is an evolved Japanese Dragon or Japanese Lung, he is a large, ferocious dragon with Golden wings made of blade-like feathers, he also possesses a long, muscled tail. Despite of his appearance, FireHeart's armor is actually enhanced scales that takes the form of armor-like details, somewhat like those of a crocodile's armor, his color is composed of blue, white, gold, and cinder-black, his claws are sharp and robust, he almost has a human-like posture, due to the fact that he has royal blood in his veins.

Behavior: FireHeart is somewhat kind and loyal to those he cares for the most, mostly his Dragon brethren and his human friend (soon to be his love interest) Meera Kliesen, but to others, he is a very aggressive, territorial, destructive, and hot- headed and gets easily pissed off, and whenever he gets pissed off, everything will be full of destruction.

Name: FireHeart the Cinderstorm

Aliases: Youngborn of Irontalon
The 8th King of Athichon
Strongest of all Dragons
The Living Weapon of Mass Destruction
Arsenal Wings (by Jonathan Kliesen)

Height: (A Japanese Dragon's size keeps changing by will, so here is his standard size)
In Human Form: 6' 7'' (2.0066 meters)
In Dragon Form: 85' 7'' (26.0858 meters)

Length: In dragon form: 165' 8'' (48.9 meters)

Weight: Unknown (since he changes forms) His estimated weight is around 60 to a Hundred tons.

Powers and Abilities:

Standard Japanese Dragon Abilities: Being a Japanese Lung, FireHeart can control the weather, flood vast lands, bring out tornadoes, storm, tsunamis, and snowstorms too.

God-Like Strength: FireHeart is the strongest of his kind, as the matter of fact, the strongest being who ever existed, his god-like strength is immeasurable, when he was just a little hatchling, he can lift anything that weighed up to 1,000,000 tons with ease, this is usually a problem for him because with his strength, he can break anything unintentionally, his strength has no limits, when he goes berserk, nothing can stop him, not even the most powerful beings in the universe can, even if they try. His strength is limitless, it cannot be measured by sheer numbers, with a simple shove, he destroys every machine that can measure the level powers of Gods. He is The very embodiment of dominance, he conquered anything that stand against his path, manhandles all of The Olympians, Asgardians, Greek Gods, all of every God known and unknown, that's just how strong he is. His skull is so strong, it'll take more than a trillion telepaths to read his mind, his jaws exerts the most powerful bite force ever measured by any living animal, one bite can crush bones and stones to dust, crushes metal with ease and even without much effort to biting, FireHeart's bite measures up to more than 100,000,000 quintillion tons. FireHeart's power cannot be absorbed nor be nullified. He can even rip through the 4th wall, even rip through the fabric of space and time, and even destroy energy. He is a very powerful dragon, so strong and so powerful, not even the fiercest man or being can stand in his way, and even those who has no fear rather stay away from his bad side. FireHeart's God-like strength puts him beyond equal terms to the strongest of any beings alive, even matching God himself, his strength is impossible to absorb, copy or nulify, his strength holds such unlimited force, just taking a small amount of his strength can destroy 5 titanic planets, and can easily tear the largest star in the solar system with no effort at all. Even if his foes have Superhuman speed or control over time itself, FireHeart's fearsome strength conquers everything, he can perform dangerous wrestling moves to combine with his monstrous, immeasurable strength, can destroy the earth by simply stomping the ground with his foot, fist or his tail, he once even lifted 1000 planet-size ships (more likely 50 times the size of Jupiter) and destroys each one with no effort at all, he also channels his strength through his teeth, claws, wings, and tail to deal serious damage. He defeated a god with only a single headbutt. He can jump 300 feet high and can make a impact in landing. Simply put, his strength is beyond god-like,beyond those of a beast, such monstrous strength puts him beyond those of Gods. Simply put, FireHeart has no limits in the first place, and simply put, FireHeart is the strongest of all...

Enhanced Speed: FireHeart is fast in both flying and running on land, however, he is only normal speed in swimming. Being a Japanese dragon, he doesn't use his wings to fly, instead the wings are there and are used as shields for repelling attacks.

God-Like Senses: FireHeart, like all Dragons can smell prey in a far distant place, somewhat 100 to 350 miles away, he can single out one specific prey in a fish market once. His hearing is strong, if a maximum of volume for all species is from 1 to a 100, his hearing is sensitive if it goes to 80 or beyond, which means if our hearing is strong if the volume setting is level 40 or so, his hearing is strong of its level 20. He also has what people call "Animal-Instincts", its the feeling that makes him what to do and what not to do, his instincts are so strong, he could even tell truth and lies just by a single glance from the person. And despite being a carnivore (which in this case many carnivores today have bad tastes) FireHeart and his kind actually has good senses of tastes similar to human taste.

God-Like Immunity, Durability, Tenacity and Stamina: FireHeart has the ability to maintain continuous strenuous physical action for an undefined period. Nothing can possess or control him, He cannot even be erased from existence, he is just unstoppable. He even stared at Medusa in her eyes 10 times and didn't even turn to stone. He was hit by a meteor 100 times the size of Earth once, and he didn't even flinch or even feel anything after the hit.

God-Like Healing and Adaptability:
FireHeart's healing is beyond miraculous, he can survive through anything without a scratch, he is adaptable to any environment and fighting situations.

Immunity to Dragon-Slaying Weapon: Unlike other Dragons, FireHeart cannot be killed by a normal, magical, holy, unholy or even dragon-slaying weapons or attacks, even if you try to overload him, he would still be alive, even if the very attack can kill you if you have a heart, FireHeart's heart is unstoppable, not even a God can kill him, not even Death.

Shape-shifting: Because he is a Japanese Lung, he can shape-shift into 2 forms, a human and a Dragon(his true) form.

Invulnerability: He is invulnerable to anything. Throwing him to a black hole, got hit by a meteor 1,000 times the size of Jupiter, and he still come out unharmed. He is also immune to any curse, magic, poison (somewhat enough to kill an entire planet), and even hypnosis, FireHeart is tough enough to withstand Thor's Hammer and Chuck Norris' roundhouse kick (more than 25 kicks). He was even dragged to Hell by The Thousand Demon, however, the Fires of Hell itself is nothing to him, and he easily broke free from Hell.

"God-High" Roar: Because of his God-like strength, FireHeart can make a powerful roar that can be heard from 100 miles away, his roar can break down buildings, even makes the very Earth shake. This roar can sometimes even kill demons, Monsters, even superhumans.

Force Control: FireHeart can also move things and breaks them with his focused mind, but he doesn't use this much since he prefers to go close range and use his firepower.

Control over Dragons: Since he is the "Dragon-King" he alone controls, command, and rule over all the dragons, and he is the only thing the dragons answer and obeys to.

Expert in Pro- Wrestling, Boxing, and Judo: Because of his God-like strength, there aren't many fighting styles in Earth that can't help him control his godly strength, his best option is learning to fight in judo, wrestling, and boxing style to tame his strength. His favourite wrestling move is usually a powerbomb-muscle buster-tombstone combo he calls the "Dragon Empire" and a muscle-buster bomb, while in boxing, he usually does a right uppercut. He created a wrestling move he entitled "Dragon Empire" which is a combination of 4 powerbombs, 3 German suplexes, a kick to a head, a chokeslame and a destructive piledriver.

2 Gifts of Great Destruction:

W.M.D. (Weapon of Mass Destruction for short) is The ability that FireHeart's father gave to him at birth, considered to be the most dangerous ability on the planet, He punches to the ground (either 1 or both fist) and the ground explodes with a growing mountain of sharp blades and swords coming out of the ground, these swords are unbelievable, there are strong types of metal that are not found in the periodic table.

Royal Flame: Also called Bluestorm or Empire Flame is the nickname of FireHeart's "fire", he breathes out a blue fire-like power from his mouth that can burn through practically anything, his flames are not made of fire, but something the humans call, "God-Energy", an energy that cannot be destroyed or absorbed, but with such great power can destroy other energy.


Despite being unstoppable, FireHeart does have some weaknesses.

Primal Instincts: Despite his good knowledge, His beastly instincts gets the best out of him, which would make him hard to control, only a specific human by the name of Meera Kliesen can tame this Mighty Dragon.

The "Chain": Both FireHeart and Meera created a chain-like item that keeps him in a hypnotic, sleepy trance that would keep him from wrecking havoc.

Temper and Volcanic Rage: FireHeart's rage is beyond inhuman, whenever he gets angry, chaos emerges, the problem is, he sometimes get angry easily.

Craving for Swallow birds and Chicken Teriyaki: After being introduced to Chicken Teriyaki by Meera, FireHeart has an unstoppable craving for Chicken Teriyaki, specifically, Meera's cooking of Chicken Teriyaki, and because of his bloodline, he also craves for swallow birds.

Smarter Foes: FireHeart may be the strongest, but enemies with high intelligence can outwit the mighty dragon with relatively ease.

Artist's note:

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Finally, after 2 f^&*king months of finishing the King, so here he is DA watchers, the king has made his way back to the world. Thank you very much for your waiting...

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