The Royal Parents Picture

Two more alicorn OCs. These two are Fulgur and Oblivionis, the parents of Sapientia, Celestia, and Luna.

Fulgur was the king of Equestria (or "Eden" as it was called back then), having inherited the crown from his father, Tempus (who prefers to call himself "Lord Cranberry"). Though he's often strong and level-headed, he also has a tendency to make stupid decisions. These often get him and others into big messes that are usually cleaned up by Sapientia and/or Matrimonium. When the war between alicorns and normal ponies broke out, he, along with Matrimonium, Sapientia, and Inferos, turned away from the conflict in order to try and prevent the sun from burning the world. This attempt would ultimately be in vain. His special talent is controlling Lightning.

Oblivionis was the queen of Eden, and Fulgur's wife. One day, the two conceived their first daughter, Sapientia, and they would also eventually bring up Celestia and Luna. However, Oblivionis and Matrimonium got into a severe argument one day, and Oblivionis was chased out of town by Matrimonium's guards before she went into labor. Oblivionis luckily found a place to safely have her two newest fillies, and she eventually returned to her hometown. Oblivionis became highly protective of her girls, making the three of them her top responsibility. Her special talent is caring for Eden's breathtaking gardens.
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