Rough Sketch - Un-named Rival Picture

Please note - This is a rough sketch I am in the process of revising. It has been submitted to DA for advice and feedback. Once further work has been done, the original will be sent to my scraps.


I have a fondness for taking old designs and reviving them as new characters. Silrun (my main protagonist) has undergone a number of revisions in terms of abilities, personality and general appearance. Initially he was a Final Fantasy fan character named Ace Strife (yes... Seriously. However in later revisions he created it as an alias due to him not knowing his own name and believing everyone from the Strife family to be dead) who wore a black trench coat, black t-shirt and black jeans and possessed divine/holy powers due to him being a "Chosen One" (look, I was twelve and thought this was a good idea...). A hardened warrior who carried various weapons including a katana, Ace/Silrun would track down and kill various demonic and evil powered villains and would even seek counsel from previous Chosen Ones on how to use his powers best.

Fast forward a few years and during "Generation Four" (aka my Spriting days), Caracal took on the role of Silrun, though the name and powers were passed on to another character. This Silrun (who's gone on to re-shape how my character Reilly, Silrun's father is portrayed) wore a long cloak (taken from Bass.EXE if you played the Battle Network games) but otherwise was a minor character. When I quit spriting/went into drawing, the name Silrun went back to my main protagonist but now had the powers and personality of Caracal, i.e. was "Photokinetic", drawing his powers from the sun and in turn ditched the all black Neo look for a vest (to expose his arms to allow for more light absorption) and blue jeans.

For a while I considered reviving the old Ace/Silrun design, complete with Holy/Divine powers as a rival for Silrun. As my work has gone on to use the Gods from Asian, Egyptian and Greek mythologies (I have yet to figure out if I can add in any Norsh Gods), the thought crossed my mind of having someone represent modern day religion and perhaps turn him into a rival for Silrun. Both use light based abilities and would frequently communicate with their God (though I would use the name Kami) and the un-named rival would be hell bent on defeating the Pagan Powered characters as proof that his God/power is the true one. Potentially offensive/stereotypical now that I think about it but it certainly got my juices flowing.

Design wise I intend for him to have a light grey vest as opposed to the dark grey t-shirt, borrowing from Gen 4 Silrun/Caracal. I also contemplated having his jacket turn into angelic wings, partly due to Gen 2 and 3 Ace/Silrun having them in his powered up form and partly from an idea I had from Gen 4 Reilly/Silrun's powered up form (his cloak would change into his wings. The fact he lacks a name is something I'm struggling to over come. I don't really want to use Ace Strife ever again but would like to reference it one way or another. Additionally during Gen 2 and 3, Ace/Silrun was nicknamed Tameto by Yuno (inspired by Kakarot from DBZ) and I would like to make that his first name if nothing else. The sword to his right is Caliburn, the lesser known blade from Arthurian legend. People false believe that Arthur draws Excalibur from the stone when in fact it is Caliburn. In all of my work Excalibur has been the sword tied to the Divine/Holy/Kami powers but because Reilly (who also has these abilities - defined as a form of magic as opposed to an element, although that may change), I decided UNR would use Caliburn.


A few months back I sketched a pair of legs that I never turned into a full picture. I may try and splice those into the digitized version of this pic as I do prefer how they came out to the ones in this sketch.
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