Halloween Advent Tales 2 (1/16 Open) Picture

hOOOLY crap I am finally done with these, my arm hurts so bad but it was so worth it c,: <3 I really wasn't sure if I'd have it in me to do it all, but I did itttt <33333

ANYWAY! This is page two of my "31 Days of Halloween" Advent Calendar. Days 1-15 can be found here: Halloween Story adopts 1 (2/15 Open)

How this goes down:
Basically, you choose the pumpkin you're interested in, which are numbered by day and contain a specific topic or theme. When that particular day arrives, I will upload your new adopt! They are all drawn up ahead of time, and will be a total surprise for extra Halloween-y fun, but if you read the journal entries below, you should get some hint as to what may hide within.

In terms of art style and quality, the refs will look something like this:
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