Species Contest Entry: the Ferwurm Picture

Species name: The Ferwurm

Terrestrial/Extraterrestrial: Extraterrestrial

Primitive/Advanced: Advanced

Planet of origin: Planet Ferra

Level of evolutionary development: High

Society type: Industrial

Ferra: The home planet of the Ferwurm, a desert-type planet with three main continents separated by five oceans. The planet is five times bigger than Earth, it is located about 600 light years away from the Milky Way galaxy and it orbits around a hypergiant star which serves as their sun. One full day on Ferra lasts for 48 hours. The planet's continents are 70% desert and tundra-like, but sand and heat rules most of Ferra. The temperatures during daytime spike up to scorching hot and drops until freezing cold during nighttime. It is impossible for humans to live on this planet and survive. But the Ferwurm are born in these conditions and have made the most of it. Solar energy acquirement and quantity is incredibly large even for their standards thanks to the absence of clouds most times(they just dissipate in the heat), so their society has mastered all the different uses of it. Be it for powering a windmill or supplying their largest city with impeccable and endless resources of electricity, they can do it and much more.

General species description: The Ferwurm highly resemble the mythological creature known as Tatzelwurm, a being with a cat's upper torso, including front legs, while the rest consist's of a snake's body and tail, though absent from scales, and while their tongue is long and flexible like a snake's, though without the slit end. The Ferwurm can grow to about 50 feet in length and lift their upper bodies about 8 feet above ground. The individuals displayed in the reference above are not yet in their teen years, as a grown Ferwurm's body and tail is three times as long and has more muscle mass meant to support and lift an individual's upper body without fail.
The Ferwurm legs are typically cat-like, but are more than capable of holding items and moving in the same ways as human arms do. They have a "thumb" like finger on the backs of their paws' bases which lets them keep a steady grip on items. Imagine bird feet and the finger layout. It's basically the same.
A Ferwurm's eyes have no visible pupils but exactly that is what allowed the individuals' range of sight to be almost of 360 degrees. The Ferwurm's sight is not only wide-ranged, but also able to notice, say, a beetle digging into the sand about 5 to 7 miles away, and allows to focus on and pay attention to multiple details at once with each eye separately. Like chameleons, only better.
The Ferwurm not only have an impeccable sight, but an amazing hearing too. Their ears are large not just because of genetical requirements, they are meant to pick up the smallest sounds in about 2 mile radius. Though while younger Ferwrum ears are noticeably larger than grown up's, their hearing is much weaker.
The marking on a Ferwurm's shoulder is one belonging to their race as a whole. It can be in warious sizes, it can be anywhere on the shoulder, on whichever shoulder, but ALWAYS on the shoulder. This marking is absent during early childhood, but appears in the process of maturing. When the marking is in full brightness and clearness, it means that the Ferwurm-in-question has fully matured and is capable to properly reproduce. The marking itself has a different ability too, for the Ferwurm, while being a technologically advanced race, are not entirely magic-less. The marking allows them to breathe underwater and manipulate with objects. Psychic abilities, if you will. These abilities are as powerful as their own paws/hands, allowing them to lift heavy things as swiftly as their arms could, though it takes just as much energy as physical lifting would. In daily life, these powers come in handy to, say, carry multiple bags or smaller items. Additionally, the Ferwurm are capable of breathing underwater solely because of their abilities. Many large cities have been constructed deep underwater because of this factor. So yes, the Ferwurm psychic abilities are powerful, though they do not allow them to fly. And it should be known that if the area with the marking is damaged in ways heavier than simple bruises(ex: scarred) then the psychic powers lessen in their power. The Ferwurm-in-question is no longer able to lift items as well as they can with their hands and is no longer able to breathe underwater for an infinite amount of time. Though the extent of the newfound limits ranges from how heavy is the damage done to the marking.

Species genetical description: The Ferwurm have two general color combinations: black with blue and white with red, with the former combination defining males and the latter defining females. Each gender has different genetic conditions which has caused the need for such colors. The males have a harder time maintaining warmth, which is why the darkness of their main fur absorbs the heat and lets them remain warm even during the night. The females, however, have better abilities in maintaining body heat with their thicker fur and lighter colors scheme(contrary to what it may seem, the female Ferwurm case is not like albinism). A common thing in the Ferwurm society is for females to take on night shifts of, say, physical jobs and jobs which involve venturing outside.
A Ferwurm's markings and eyes can be in any possible patterns, any possible designs, and any possible shades of red and blue, but always ONLY red and blue. The base color of their coats, the exact shown shade of black and white, ALWAYS remains the same for EVERY specimen. No exceptions.
Though there is one genetic condition which is a lot like albinism for Earth inhabitants. The gray and purple color scheme shown on the bottom left corner of the reference sheet. These types of Ferwurm are considered "mixes" of each gender's colors, and oftentimes the gender itself, and while it is a relaively rare case, it is not uncommon for a Ferwurm to be a hermaphrodite of mixed colors. Though it is extremely rare for a Ferwurm to have one set gender along with this discoloration.

Family life and reproduction: The Ferwurm are fit to properly reproduce once the marking on their shoulder is in full brightness and clearness as much as their basic markings. Once a male and a female fall in love with each other and agree upon living their life together in marriage, nothing but death can separate them. And if there is a case where one leaves the other, they are scorned and hated by those around him or her. But in normal cases, the couple is always united and remain trustworthy to each other until the end of their lives.
The Ferwurm are not mammal type of creatures, they don't give birth. Instead, there are "litters" of large, blue-gray shelled eggs, each litter able to have up to four eggs. Incubation takes up about 9 Earth months as the heated air of the planet greatly helps with the cycle. Once the hatchling has hatched it is fully developed, with fur and a full marking set, though is unable to open it's eyes for three Ferra days after hatching. Though once the eyes are open, the maturing and growing-up process is very much like for human children.

Usual life span: 80 to 120 Ferra years, which would be 240 to 360 earth years.


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