Wrath Picture

Huh?!?! Wrath?!?! WTF??

Yes this is wrath.. one of the seven sins. I haven't figured out her real name yet, so if you wanna help me please do.
This all started out a while ago when I came across the movie with the sins (don't remember.. seven i think) and I thought WOW THAT IS SUCH A COOL PSYCOPATH (I like psycopaths, well not like like.. you know.. I like the way they think)!! And then I thought "YEY, lets make seven people who are seven sins!!!".
If you don't wanna here the rest of this increadible story skip to the summary...

First I tried with myself, seven me's running around.. that didn't work out well... SO I THOUGHT GIRLS!!! YEY!!!
Thats when I tried to give them some character to.. That is where I had to stop again.. I wanted them each to have virtues, which then was a problem since who was gonna get what?
First I tried with each having the opposite virtue, that didn't work. Then I tried to fit every virtue to fit each character, and after trying alomst every combo I finally got it..
Now I wanted to go further.. I had to give a touch of myself.. This idea I got when I was working.
I work at the mall (the super cool mall everybody goes to XP) Anyway, I work there with a lot of things. mostly cleaning up and fetching mails.. And the thing I do the most is mowing the lawn (so don't mess with me or I'll charge you with two razorsharp blades waiting for fresh meat XP) and when I mowe the lawn I think.. That is why the mower is named Fenris, the wolf that will eat the sun when ragnarok comes (in norse mythology)..(the brand of the mower is Viking, and the mower "eats everything")..
Anyway back to buissness. Then I thoght "AHA!!!! EUREKA!!! SUPER!!! ILL GIVE THEM WEAPONS INSPIRED BY GARDENINGTOOLS!!!"
So Wrath here got the.. umm.. I don't know what it is called, but it is that grasscutter you hold woth two hands and cut edges with (and I look really macho with it).. I tried to find it on wikipedia, but I didn't find it. Pease tell me what it is called..
And then I gave all the other information like animal, colour and punishments in Hell.. All found at [link]
So this is Wrath:

Sin: Wrath, Anger
Name: Under developement
Animal: Bear
Colour: Red
Weapon: Grass edgecutter
Punishment in hell: Dismembered alive (very creative)
Virtue: Zeal
Element: Fire
Combat style: Under developement (help me here)
Other: very sosial. always wants everybody to be happy (because if they are not happy, shes not happy and then its game over)

Well this was lot of information. hope you enjoyed reading it (and if you don't I have a mower waiting for you)... All this sin talk is also my defence against christianity (not that I am a nazi or anything), but they are all trying to make me chritian.. one time a friend of mine told me that she could become my girlfriend I only needed to be christian (WTFROFLMAO!!).. and they are all trying to get me to church and stuff.. I don't like it (my friends are cool though, and I go to church some times just to meet them, but I would not be sad if the church wasn't there).. Anyway lets not go to personal...

So we conclude:
I'll draw 7 girls with 7 sins, 7 weapons (gardeningtools), 7 elements and 7 virtues... I think they'll be my main characters so i'll draw them ones a while.. This is a reflect on me because i'm a sinner (and there is nothing you can do about it, I'll get banished to Malebolge, the 8th level of hell , out of 9.. Ahh I have problems) and beacuse I like psykos XP. And if this is the last thing you read you are stupid because you should always read the summary if the text is long..

Done with pencil, CanonScan LiDE 24, Wacom intuos 3 A4,PS 7 and Corel Painter Essential 2.. and a hell lot of hours (I' had to try many times before I found a good technique. I'm trying some new things here so give me advice.. plz

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