Next Gen Avengers 3: Birgit with Loki Picture

Three down, at LEAST two more to go... woof.

Only one OC this time though, because I didn't know who else to pair her bust with... so I did Loki.

This is Birgit, the only child between Thor and Jane Foster. Now, if you've read my journal from today, you know I'm not a fan of the two because of how they were handled in the movie. But I couldn't just toss Jane away like she never existed, and I think Thor really does care a great deal about her... So, I did keep them together. For a while.

Birgit was the result of a rather emotion fueled night between her parents shortly after Loki's attack and subsequent defeat in New York(but before Loki and Thor return to Asgard). Even though neither were expecting anything to come of this, as they DID take precautions(but Thor is a god, so... god sperm defeats birth control), Birgit was a happy and welcome addition to their family. Thor also had every intention of taking Jane as his wife, and did grudgingly have his father's support for the union and a demi-god heir to the throne. However, the former never happened. About a year or so after the events of New York, nuclear war begins on Earth, leading the Avengers on one of their most trying and deadly missions they face(in my headcanon). Although they do manage to avert COMPLETE global catastrophe, there are casualties: Clint is almost killed, and Jane is killed. This *understandably* affects Thor deeply, and when he returns to Asgard, he takes his four month old daughter with him.

Birgit doesn't return to Earth until she's in her early teens, and while there she befriends Holly, and eventually Thomas and the others. She is raised completely in the ways of Asgard, taking her duties as a princess and a warrior extremely seriously; she wants to show both her father and grandfather that she is fit to rule when she is ready. Her relationship with her father is extremely good and both are very close. With her grandfather less so, but both respect each other and do for the most part get along.

As for her relationship with Loki... that is an entirely different kettle of fish. Thor takes her to visit her "uncle" on numerous occasions in his prison, as a way of showing Loki that he is still loved. Birgit is fascinated by this man that her father claims as brother but whom her grandfather will no longer acknowledge as a son or family. She begins visiting him on her own time, and both begin to strike up an unusual friendship. She never sees him as her uncle, simply as a man who was swept up in dreams of grandeur that have only come back to haunt him. She is determined to help him, and at first he plays along with her little game. However, as she gets older, their friendship begins to change into something neither of them expected and both know will only result in pain and loss if they act upon it. But since when has that sort of risk stopped anyone? Just shy of her 19th birthday and on the day of her coronation as Princess of Asgard, the two finally cross the bridge and kiss. Birgit does harbor hope that once her father is king, Loki will be pardoned and they can be happy together. Loki, having gone down so many similar roads and all having led to tragedy, is not so positive and does hate part of himself for loving this girl, this daughter his brother of his daughter's. Even so, they do carry out their affair, escaping detection on a fairly regular basis and keeping Thor oblivious to what is happening. And, for a long while, their happiness lasts... but eventually, something is going to go so very, very wrong.

Quite honestly, this started out as a crackship/trololol at Thor for kicks. And then it developed and I saw the potential behind it, and it become a legitimate ship... Sometimes I think I spend too much time in the sun.

Again, all part of my yet to be written headcanon... *sigh* One day, one day...

Drawn on white artist series Canson paper in mechanical HB pencil
Traced over in black ink pen
Coloured in GIMP 2.8
Time: approx 5 hours total

Loki/The Avengers belong to Stan Lee, Marvel, and Joss Whedon.
Birgit belongs to me.

Ask before using elsewhere, thanks!
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