Echidna Memorial Application: Olive LakeWood Picture

I might come back and fix this later?? Yeah I am sorry (I also didn't exactly reread it so...)

Name: Olive Lakewood

Age: 17
Grade: Junior (11th Grade)

Height: Depends but normally 6”7

Weight: Also depends but I estimate around 250 lbs???

Sex: Female (?)

Monster type: Olive is a full monster. She is a tree-like shape shifting creature. I based her around the Leshy (Slavic mythological creatures) and also from Dryads. Well originally I had a dream about a creature like this but I did some research for this and found those creatures.

Likes: The sun, water, Dancing, rhythm, music, sunbathing, anything to do with nature, imitating voices, aesthetic things and likes to prank sometimes.

Dislikes: Fire, winter, and anyone who disrupts or harms nature in any way.

Skills: She can camouflage quite easily (as long as it is outside or if there are any plants nearby), she loves to dance and loves shape shifting when she dances. She can do photosynthesis and is great at giving shade. She can shape shift into many forms; from a blade of grass to a giant oak tree or something. Although the bigger the form the more energy it takes so she will get really hungry after a big shapeshift) and she can only keep the big form for so long (like about an hour I guess). So her shape shifting has its limits.

Personality: (this may need some tweaking here and there) Olive is full of energy most of the time unless; she hasn’t sunbathed for more than 5 hours. She likes to be in good terms with everybody she comes across with and likes to have a good sense of humor. Regarding pranks, Olive does like being mischievous when she is bored which include scaring other monsters in suspenseful ways or imitating voices of certain people which I guess counts as suspenseful at times? It’s very difficult to anger her because she is a very open-minded person who accepts everything and everyone. Though that does not mean it is no impossible to anger her. She can be angered if someone tries to harm any nature related stuff (like plants and trees as well as animals). Also if someone insults the things she loves (nature falls in here too) like dancing, pretty things and music. She does have friends but no close friends.
Background: Olive’s family owns a forest where she was raised. It has a lake in the center of it. Since a young age, her parents tried to keep her within the forest and tried to prevent her from going near the ‘borders’ of the forests but since they had to go out for work out into civilization they couldn’t always keep an eye out for her. Her forest is her house basically. It was her father, mother, brother and a forest-keeper? Who served also as the baby (tree?) sitter. She was very laid back though so she didn’t really look after Olive and her brother. They used to go out all the time, in disguise of course. To get an image of what her father is (a full-grown whatever I made-up) just look think of Ents except this species is more demonic than friendly? Yeah. So anyway, Olive found out about EMH and forced her parents to let her go out.

• She has blue blood hence the blue veins (I read something about Leshy having blue blood so I was like cool okay).
• She only shape shifts into things she finds pretty and when she is dancing. Except when she is dancing it’s give her dances interesting movements (so shape shifting is like dancing?? I don’t know how to explain)
• She finds the human form to be pretty.
• When she shape shifts, her structure also changes. For example, if she wanted to look like a bird then her structure would also turn into that of a bird. She won’t look like a bird but more of a tree bird with bark and stuff. She can also change the color of leaves (she speeds their wilting up? Makes sense?)
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