Oracles-Ra Picture

Ah yes, the big hancho of the pantheon and while not having an enormous role, he ultimately DOES set the story into course as without his intervention, the five youths would've never been able to have contact with their linked deity, and the world might've possibly been destroyed as we know it...
As a character, while doing research, I've come to decide that Ra would ultimately be a strict traditionalist and enforcer of rules, yet his pushy and bossy nature is only because he care tremendously about his peers and especially his own children, Hathor and he having always been incredibly close. Of course, despite keeping the sun in check, both when its seen and not, he needs protection from a certain demon snake that can render the keeper of the sun a helpless onlooker as, despite his position and power, is helpless against the captivating enchantment of Apep's hypnotic abilities, thus, he assigned protectors. This, of course, leading to his three daughters that formed the 'Eye of Ra' along with Sobek and Set to board with him during his treks to the Underworld and back.

Don't want to give away too much as while I got the beginnings of an outline out, things change and alter as one goes along. But I definitely want to get the visual designs down. I wanted him to also look distinctly different as well as older than Horus as they're both falcons, yet I find that in many depictions, it's rather easy to confuse the two.

Oracles are mine
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