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So most of the other monsters are like, Greek mythology?? and i wanted to be that one person with some obscure monster nobody's ever heard of. I knew that I had read somewhere about a vampire who could separate it's head from it's body, and eventually I found this after researching.. so anyway, hopefully my creativity gets me somewhere :'D (this was super fun to design tho like wow)

For MidnightMonsterClans


: Batswoop
Reason for prefix: She has bat wings
Reason for suffix: She often flies around and her signature battle move involves swooping down on an opponent
Gender: Female
Age: 36 Moons
Orientation: Bisexual
Clan: NightClan
Rank: Deputy (If I lose the tryouts, warrior)
Monster your cat is based off of: Manananggal (Philippine vampire, "One who separates itself")
Number of lives: 1



✓ Caring || She's very protective and loving of those she cares about, always grooming them and telling them how much they mean to her

✓ Quick-Thinking || In the midst of chaos, Batswoop can make a wise decision and act upon it instantly

= Quiet || Outside of her close friends/family, she tends to avoid talking unless necessary

= Righteous || She is always determined to do what is right, willing to make any sacrifice for the greater good

- Terrifying || Despite being a sweet and loving cat, she easily scares away others and is sometimes attacked, as she is seen as a threat

- Unconfident || She sees herself as ugly and useless sometimes, which tends to make her depressed

Likes: Chasing fireflies, Whitestar, The Night Sky, Cool and Breezy Weather
Dislikes: Sand and Mud, Staying on the Ground, Bright and Sunny Days (the sun irritates her, because she's a vampire)

Voice: TrickyWi
Height: 22" at full length, 8" when "compressed" (when not stretching out)
Weight: 11 lb
Theme Song: The A-Team by Ed Sheeran
Scent: Blood and Mint


Kit: Bat was born in a litter of two, she had a sister named Robinkit. Both of them were vampires, but Robinkit was a normal one. When Batkit first figured out how to stretch herself, her mother panicked because she thought that her daughter had been torn apart by a wild animal. As Batkit learned to master her powers, she believed that they were incredible and interesting, but other cats began to avoid her, as she was gruesome even for monster standards. Robinkit abandoned her in the nursery, not wanting to be associated with such a thing. Though she felt dejected and unwanted, Batkit still found time to be happy through an older cat named Whitepaw. He became an apprentice a moon after she was born, and she liked to wait for him to come back to camp after patrols. He didn't take much notice to her, because of his focus on training, but she was fine with watching him from a distance. Her mother and father, Beetleflight and Tinderclaw, gave Batkit as much extra attention as possible, in an attempt to make up for her not being liked by other clan cats.

Apprentice: Batpaw began her training under a bug-eyed cat with insect mandibles and extra limbs, named Antfang. He was a tough mentor, always pushing her to do her best, but never making her feel like a failure when she couldn't quite meet expectations. For a while Batpaw's crush shifted from Whitepaw to Antfang, but she took an interest in him again once Antfang got a mate. Any time that Batpaw wasn't practicing her training or going on patrols she spent watching Whitepaw, who was soon renamed Whiteleech. She slowly began to work up the nerve to talk to him, until he became interested in Spiderfang.

Warrior: Her parent's attention had shifted to Robinpaw, who got the name Robinfeather. Feeling heartbroken and unloved, Batswoop fell into a deep depression. Robinfeather attracted the attention of many male cats in the clan, but she always seemed distant and uninterested, which was unusual. One day, after finishing a halfhearted border patrol, Batswoop overheard two cats whispering about how Robinfeather had been sneaking out at night to visit an OwlClan tom. Batswoop was shocked. Later that night, Robinfeather came to Batswoop in a panic, begging her for help. She was pregnant with the OwlClan tom's kits, and didn't know what to do. When Batswoop couldn't help her, Robinfeather accused her of being a terrible sister and left Batswoop feeling confused and upset. The next day, it was found out that Robinfeather had abandoned the clan to go join her mate in OwlClan. Batswoop realized that she had to be the cat everyone thought her sister would become, and began working hard again, eventually earning the respect of her fellow clanmates. She got a playful apprentice named Silverpaw, who grew into a respectful young tom named Silverbeech after she trained him in hunting and manners.

Deputy: (ONLY IF SHE IS CHOSEN): When Whitestar appointed her as his deputy, Batswoop was overjoyed. With Spiderfang gone and having gained the trust and respect of her clan, Batswoop is slowly regaining the confidence she needs to be a good deputy to her leader, and possibly work up the nerve to finally talk to him on a personal level.


Mother: Tinderclaw
Father: Beetleflight
Siblings: Robinfeather
Mate: N/A
Kit/s: N/A

Current Mate: N/A
Past Mate/s: N/A
Kit/s: N/A
Mate status: |Open|Taken|Forbidden|Not interested|
Preference: Whitestar XD Someone who won't judge her, someone who wants kits
Dislikes: Those who only care about looks


Focuses of Mentor ship/Specializes:
| Flying | Sneak Attacks | Catching Tree-Dwelling Prey |
Mentor: Antfang
Current Apprentice: N/A
Past Apprentice(s): Silverbeech


||Relationships Information:||

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