Nyambura Picture

Name: Nyambura

Gender: Female

Species: Camelion Cat

D.o.b.: Unknown

Age: About 350 Years

Height: 1'6" on all fours, 3' standing on her hind feet

Weight: 50lb

Eyecolour: Yellow (pupil-less, glows)

Haircolour: Varying shades of umber, darker just before the muzzle, end of muzzle, belly and tail tip slightly lighter

Name of Star: nafsi-moto (meaning soul-blaze

Personality: Very quiet, but not really shy... she's a spirit of few words. Peaceful, and good at avoiding confrontation (usually) Is very wise. Tends to be a bit of a loner.

Likes: Peace, Doves

Dislikes: War, Hunters, Large dogs

Abilities: Telepathic, venomous bite

Weaknesses: Very sensitive about the loss of her tribe. She can be hurt like anyone else, but can only die once her tribe has been killed.

History: She had spent over 300 years as the spirit guide to the Ma'Chwuabo people. They were careful to heed her council, and they thrived in their land. The rice fields produced a bountiful harvest, the pineapples and mangos grew fat and sweet, and the sea produced for them great harvests of Prawns, Squid, and Fish. They were one of the few tribes that had no need of war, though their warriors were strong, and were always ready to fend back any encroaching tribes. Every year they had a great feast in her honour. Every one wore white feathers in their hair, and sang songs which praised her wise words. But one day, ships arrived on the shores of their lands carrying many tall, pale people. They slaughtered many of the tribe, and took the rest with them on their boats. They burned the fields, and killed their herds, leaving the meat to rot in the sun. Their lands soon went from paradise to wasteland, and there was nothing that Nyambura could do, for the tribe who took over their lands could not hear her voice. So she left the lands she had spent her entire life in, and headed north. She traveled for many months, keeping to the trees, and avoiding human contact as much as possible. However, one day she stumbled along a hunters camp on the open savannah. Unable to escape, she was captured. The hunters took her to a port city and sold her to a trader. The trader took her to Spain, where she was sold to a princess as part of her menagerie. There Nyambura discovered that the princess could hear her voice, and she was allowed to leave her cage, and roam the palace freely. While she enjoyed this life much better than the cage, she was still a spirit of the wild, and knew she could not stay long. She asked the princess if she would be allowed to go free to find her tribe, and the princess let her go. She searched for many years, and finally found one member of her tribe. He had been just a child when they left, but now was almost a man. She greeted him, but he did not hear her voice. She found with him many others, but none could hear her. So she returned to the forest near the princess, and waited, not knowing what to do, when Howie approached her and told her of a new place where she could live with others who no longer had a place in this world, and gave her a star...

Other: A Camelion Cat is a kind of tribal spirit guide, which is part of the mythology of the tribe I lived with (who are a very short African Tribe. Most of the elders were about 4-5 feet tall). Each tribe is said to have a spirit guide of some sort. Camelion cats look like a large cross between a cat and a mongoose of some kind, with long thin body and tail, and there forepaws are more like hands, and can grip things. They are said to be born at the same time as the first member of the tribe, and die when the last surviving member of the tribe passes on. They are counselors to the Chiefs and Witchdoctors, and to those who seek their council. To ignore the spirit guide's council usually spells doom for the individual or tribe. They are highly intelligent, even able to communicate telepathically for those able to hear their voice. While only using it as their absolute last resort, the bite of a spirit guide is almost almost instantly fatal, thought they can choose to only inject enough venom to knock out their attacker. They are very peaceful creatures, and usually only appear to seekers when they bring an offering of a pure white dove.
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