My Mythical Gods 2 Picture

This is part of my college project which I decided to show you guys. 'Cause I like you a lot. XP

This is sketchbook material of my own versions of mythological gods. They were inspired by existing tales of mythical gods like Greek Gods, Nordic Gods, Japanese Gods, etc.

Tannah, Goddes of Nature ~ A hard-working, concentrative god that focuses mostly on blooming all flora and fauna into the peak of their beauty. She is uncharacteristically tall, like a tree, and her body is made of the very essence of life that she protects. She's not exactly a friendly god, as she quite dislikes the humans for abusing nature's resources and space and hates it when other gods interrupt her work ethic, but she at least tries to be sociable once in a while. She downright despises the Goddess of Death, Oblivienne, for hunting and killing her animals and plants, especially her rarest ones for the sake of fashion.

Lunn Carann, God of the Sky ~ A hefty, stalwart god who puts all his spirit in making the skies as clear as possible for pilots, birds, or any other flying creature. Lunn Carann commands an army of angels to help him patrol the skies, and he leads them in a demanding, army general-type way, but all the spirit of improvement and discipline. Outside of his job, Lunn Carann is actually very quiet and to himself, and is often seen on hovering islands relaxing. He often smokes a corncob pipe, made out of a godly food called "pumpkin corn", his favourite food. He says smoking it enhances the flavour.

Grantz, God of Earth ~ Another stalwart, but also ruthless god. He can't stand failing his objectives and will pursue to no end to make sure they're done. He trains hard to build up his body strength, as it is shared with the Earth itself. If he grows weak, so does the Earth as well. His training exercises include pushing or rolling gigantic boulders. Very often he goes too far with his training which is why he sometimes pushes them with his feet to show off.

Grantz has four arms, but spends most of his time exercising his upper pair, which is why compared to them, his lower pair of arms are dainty and small. He never considers exercising with them too much as his upper pair of arms are so strong, he ends up crushing other gods hands r arms when performing the simplest of actions such as a handshake or a high-five. So he uses his dainty lower arms for formal or informal gestures.

Grantz also has a big appetite, and ends up eating more than enough resources that Tannah produces for both gods and people. Which is why he has a large stomach.

Tannah, Lunn Carann, & Grantz © *The-Quill-Warrior
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