Nodence's Chariot Picture

The Elder god Nodence is represented by the people of Theleston by the primal elements; he is their father, where Animae, the goddess of life and death, is the people's mother.

Nodence has many symbols; his bow, his beard, and his hands are many things that people remark upon when invoking him, but none is as well known as The Chariot of Nodence. Fashioned from a huge seashell pulled from some elder beast, it is said that the chariot is so light that it floats like an ever falling feather in the air. If the need arises, Nodence may take up the reins of his chariot and call upon fires that drive him through the skies faster than a diving falcon. To see this awesome sight would surely drive anyone to a point of fear and wonder so great that their very sanity thenceforth may be called into question, but for a man who is already mad...

This painting was crafted by the artist known as Orchard Green. A mystery to the people of Greyshore, this artist lived in a time just before the New Reckoning of years. No hard evidence can be found that pins down where he may have lived, what he may have looked like, or even if he is a real person. Some believe that the name of Orchard Green was an alias for more than one artist at the time, no one knows for sure.

In a poem written by the artist, he records that the story begins on an undisclosed morning. Orchard woke “erefore the bellringers,” and so took a morning run to freshen up his spirits before the day's events. Upon reaching a beautiful spot to rest, Orchard apparently noticed what was described as a orange glow from the horizon opposite from where the sun ought to go (for the sun had not yet risen.) This was strange to him, and so he turned about. To his surprise he saw hurtling towards him a fireball descending from the sky. Orchard Green records that he fell onto the ground in surprise as he watched this fireball fly overhead, until, just as quickly as it came, it curved back into the sky and a now rising sun.

Orchard Green, a storied madman was likely to have seen visions which may have served as inspiration for his works. We know from this poem, that from that moment on Orchard Green never went on a morning run, fearing that Nodence would surely strike him down if he were to. Instead he enjoyed much cooler night jogs.

( here is the poem below )

The Comet Nodance

One morn I woke erefore the bellringers rung

& I thought it twould be fun If I went upon a trot

A quick plot my mind whrot of path near lake’s bank I could run

And I did make my way first at a walk but I sped up to a trot

Only once lank’s bank could be seen.

Nary an hour it must have been

For morn’s light twas not seen casted over to far orchard green.

But in the waters it could be seen, light over in the sky opposite of the green.

And being short of breath I took a rest, to look round at now brightened west sky

To let out a fearful cry.

For a fire I saw in west sky coming first as if to strike down my home and all abound, just as it scorched the blackened sky.

But the fire’s crown did not plummet down.

No it flies riding into now sun touched eastern skies.

Twas then the ground I did arise, dusting the dirt from off my thighs,

watching an almost unseen fire rising higher.

A sign from Nodence did ride away, I thought, and at that moment I did pray

But only thing I could come away with the events that happened ere break of day. Was that I should only trot by night’s light and not by day.

~ Orchard Green

This work of fiction takes place in the world of Theleston. What is Theleston you might ask? Theleston is a rich, detailed and historied setting where the weird horrors of strange tales cross blades with the heroes and adventures of low fantasy.

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