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Stratokus- God of the Sky and one of the three great creator gods. In the Asnorit myth of creation, the three gods, Stratokus, Terophite, and Pherata combined their powers into one to create the world and the beings that inhabit it. Stratokus brought forth the sky and granted flight to many creatures. A myth tells of a group of early people who worshiped Stratokus so greatly, they prayed to be with their god in the sky. With Terophite’s help, Stratokus took a portion of the land, imbued it with flight, and brought his most faithful worshippers to the sky. He bestowed some of his gifts to his children, Scoran, Meloa, Numino, and Lumos who brought the sun, the moon, the stars, and light in general respectively. He also married Terophite’s daughter Ifaetari and gave birth to the Gods of the Winds and Storms. He is generally portrayed as an old but muscular man with curly hair like clouds and eyes as blue as the sky. He is sometimes portrayed possessing large avian wings on his back. His symbol is a ring of cloud. His corresponding animals are the falcon, the pegasus, and the silver great dragon.

The first of the Pantheon series. Now this and some of the others I'm posting are kind of early versions because of time constraints. I'll make updated versions that have examples of the robes worn by their priests and priestess who worship them. We start of these pantheon pages with the first three creator gods, those who made the planet. Stratokus is very much analogous to Zeus and a couple of other prime or leader gods. Not much else to say here. Please Enjoy.

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