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If there is one actress you shouldn't mess with, it's Kathy Bates. In real life she's the sweetest person you could ever meet, she just seems like the kind of woman you could ever give a big hug to and chances are she'd hug you back. But when she's on screen, she can be extremely versatile and she proves that you don't need to be physically fit in order to be a successful actor/actresses, there are many different facets to her - there's Motherly Kathy where she's all sweet and maternal and motherly - the type that could give you a big cuddle and tell you a story, there's Sassy Kathy where she's tough, sassy and confident - the type that can stand up for herself and also kick your butt at the same time and then there's the much scarier variation of it known as Fierce Kathy, when she's like this - the gloves are officially off and while Motherly Kathy will have you crying and feeling her pain... Fierce Kathy on the other hand will have YOU be the one who feels the pain, when she's like this - she's tough, dangerous, ferocious and more often than not...more than a tad insane. The latter will often act like Motherly Kathy on occasion but be warned...this rose has thorns. Sassy Kathy will still give you hugs and kisses, she'll just be a bit more free-spirited and confident. You don't want to get Kathy upset, because if you do you might regret. Although she stands at 5'3 and is 215lbs, this woman could still put you in your place if you're not careful. In real life though she wouldn't hurt anyone not even a fly. Think of Kathy in Fierce Kathy mode as being a human version of Bellwether from Zootopia in some way only without the bitter personality. She can be a mother figure and your worst nightmare all in one.

- Dolores Claibourne (Dolores Claibourne)
- Squirrel Lady (Rat Race).
- Molly Brown (Titanic).
- Helen Kushnik (The Late Shift). For those not in the know, The Late Shift is a movie about the original NBC debacle over the Tonight Show, it's based on the book of the same name and stars Daniel Roebuck as Jay Leno, John Michael Higgins as David Letterman, Rich Little as Johnny Carson and Kathy Bates as Jay's dragon of a manager Helen Kushnik. Back in the 80's and 90's Leno had Helen as his manager and let's just say she was a control freak with a vicious streak. While the movie itself isn't too bad in my opinion - in fact it's really good and I like how they portrayed Jay in it and I like how they made Roebuck look like him...the only problem I have is with the voice Roebuck uses which sounds like a mix of Woody Allen and Adam Sandler, the main reason you should probably see this movie next to understanding how television and show buisness work along with a better understanding of why Leno got treated poorly over at NBC - it's Kathy. She's terrific in this role.
- Charlotte (3rd Rock From The Sun episode 'Alien Hunter').
- Evelyn Couch (Fried Green Tomatoes).
- Annie Wilkes (Misery). Think of the worst examples of extreme fandom behavior imaginable and add a large heap of Axe Crazy to the mix and you get this woman...meet Annie Wilkes. I know what you're thinking..."Aaaaw..she looks so friendly and cheerful. There's no way she could be messed up at all." That's the eerie part though, she's the kind of person you least suspect. According to King himself, she's practically a catalog of mental disorders. As poor Paul Sheldon finds out after she saves him from a snowstorm and takes care of him. I know you're probably thinking...you're thinking..."Aaaaaw...how sweet." It's not so sweet when her true colors show and she goes out of her way to keep Paul from leaving. She may seem sweet and ever good-natured, but you wouldn't want to get on her bad side...chances are if you do - she'll break not only your heart, but also your legs as well. She comes across as Motherly Kathy at first but evolves into Fierce Kathy mode once she finds out what happens to her favorite character (and we've all had moments like that). Be warned though - there's an Annie in every fandom. One of the patrons over at the Killerhouse even reported they had a vision about Annie appearing in a supposed followup to Misery with Kathy reprising the role where they took on the role of a fictional relative of Paul Sheldon who went to investigate what happened to Paul only to wind up in the same position as him only this time it was much different - apparently Annie injected some of her DNA into him...and this was to TG him into her, in other words..into a second Annie Wilkes. Although it was just a vision, this turned out to be very real. We tried calling the SCP guys about this but they hung up on us - apparently this is too scary even for them. If this actually happens...all I can say is that the creepypasta version of Nurse Joy has some competition waiting in the wings.
- Miss Agatha Hannigan (Annie 1999). Miss Hannigan is one of the most iconic musical villainesses of all time, and while the debate over who did the best job of playing the role still goes on to this day, I find it difficult to choose just one because well both the 1982 Hannigan and the 1999 Hannigan are terrific in their own way. Carol Burnett's Hannigan was delightfully witchy and humorous even though she was on the tipsy side quite often, while Kathy's version...wow, Kathy's version is just so full of attitude but yet you feel for her at the same time - she's also got quite a LOT fire in her. Both versions of Hannigan are terrific in their own way but I have a huge soft spot in my heart for Kathy's version.
- Helen 'Mama' Boucher (The Waterboy). While she does come across as your typical overprotective mother, she has a reason and a backstory behind it that explains why she acts like this, it's because she lost her husband Robert before she was pregnant with Bobby and she fears losing Bobby in the same way....she puts on a tough facade to cover up her inner turmoil and to make up for it - this resulted in her sheltering him by telling him that things like women, sports, school, and Ben Franklin are "THE DEVIL!", but deep down she really cares for him. Of course it's never wise to get her mad though, she's got quite a lot of fire in her. Plus well...when this is one of many fine examples of Motherly Kathy crossed with a little bit of Fierce Kathy. It's hard not for me to like her. Plus I feel sorry for her, because after her husband Robert left she had nobody to keep her company except Steve (their pet mule/donkey). I'd keep her company. Also while she may seem like she's a parody of Carrie's mother Margret, she only acts the way she does because she fears losing her son in the same way she lost her husband.
-Red Queen/Queen Of Hearts (Syfy's Alice mini-series). I LOVE this incarnation of the queen, it's such a perfect mix of ferocity, intensity and eerieness. That stare, those eyes...just everything about her really, oh and I love the outfit and hair style she has and how her outfit matches with her hair. Also...gotta admire that method she has of using her casino as a means to control her victims - it has a very Hotel California vibe to it, very fitting considering Kathy plays an undead - and now sort of vampiric character in American Horror Story: Hotel which coincidentally used Hotel California in its premiere episode. Although..Kathy doesn't need to go to those lengths on me though...a kiss will do just fine. It just goes to show how talented she is at playing these kind of characters. Actually I wouldn't mind being TGed into her myself or being hypnotized by her, because that could be a very interesting and fascinating story or RP.
- Charlie Harper's Ghost (Two And A Half Men episode "Why We Gave Up Women"). This one might take a bit of explanation, but i'll give it my best shot. In the episode "Why We Gave Up Women" Charlie's brother Alan winds up in hospital and is visited by his late brother who appears as well...the plus sized fatale you see here. You see, he or rather she explains that she's in hell and that being in the body she's in is an eternal damnation of sorts - but she does still have a pair of masculine attributes that dangle under her feminine parts, I still like to think in this form she's a woman though and while she does act like Charlie usually does, I like to think she's a separate thing from Charlie himself. She tells Alan to stop leeching off other people and to pull his own weight in the world, of course in the end she's just toying with him because she just wanted him out of her house.
- Madam Delphine LaLaurie (American Horror Story: Coven). If you thought Annie Wilkes was terrifying, you haven't met Delphine LaLaurie yet. In case you don't know who she is...she's based on a real historical figure famous for torturing and enslaving her victims - her victims were often of the African American persuasion. LaLaurie is immortal, just like her nemesis Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett) and is also heavily into mythology...the minotaur being her favorite (she has one of her own too).
- Ethel Darling (American Horror Story: Freakshow). The second role Kathy has played where she is a mother, yes...LaLaurie in Coven was a mom despite being a murderer and a racist, but this time she's a much nicer character. Ethel Darling is the bearded woman at the titular freakshow. If you're wondering about her accent - it's a Baltimore accent. She has such a sad and tragic backstory too, I just felt so bad for her especially because people mocked her because of her facial hair and because of the tough times she had. I've definitely give her a hug if I could.
- Iris (American Horror Story: Hotel). I feel bad for Iris, all she wants to do is protect her son Donovan but Donovan doesn't like her and thinks of her as being smothering and overprotective, but she really does mean well and she cares for him. She has resided at Hotel Cortez for 20 years as the put-upon hotel manager. Of course now that she's one of the undead, she and Donovan are a LOT closer than ever before. I just feel real bad for her though. I would definitely give her a big hug to make her feel better.

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