Sally On Carbon Forge Picture

Yes, for those fellow Familiar Faces Fans out there, this is indeed Chad Rocco's original character, Sally Skuttle. I wanted to do a piece for his birthday, which is coming in 2 days. Thanks DA Messeges. At any rate, I got permission to use this character for an animation. I'm still working on it of course, but I figured I could get this compisition done on the side.

What we see here is Sally on the new world I'm creating called Carbon Forge. The basic concept is a lone planet circles around a sun in the Orion star belt. This planet has a moon capable of sustaning life. The only problem is that only 1 half of it does. The moon is locked in position around it's planet. Only one side faces it. Unlike our moon though, the gravity of the parent planet is tugging at the crust on the moon causing molten rock from beneath to bulge out of it's surface at rapid pace. It 's said that in 2 million years, the moon will turn inside out, or collide w/ the planet it orbits.

But until then, explorers find the molten side of the planet is rich in raw materials. As a result, mining companies through out the galaxy have begun establishing colonies on the planet. Because there is no true government, they rely on bounty hunters as a police force here. Not only is there business rivalry, but there's crime, murder, & the planets natural creatures to worry about.

I'm hoping to write short stories, do some animations, & draw pictures of the world in order to bring it to life. So I'll pretty much handle it the same way I handled Tarkaria. But where that world is heavy on earth based mythology, this one relies on creatures from outer space. Humanoid characters will be handled like comic book & cartoon characters, where as creatures will be a result of speculative biology. Creatures that seem ridiculous & fantastic, but are still scientificly plausible. Kind of like the creatures here known as Claw-Jaws. Jaws shaped like scorpion claws, have a spear-like tooth on the tip of a tongue-like organ that can fire at rapid speed on the top of their head, can shoot a deadly acid, & back legs that have fused together to create a pogo-stick like action to increase speed.

So all I can say to chad is that a whole new world has been born in my mind. & it all had to do w/ you & that pretty little roach you created. But I'll only add her into the stories if you allow it.

Happy B-day man

Tools used: Pencil, paper, GIMP, & Google sketchup.
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