Michael, Heir to Elyisum Picture

Now, before people over-react and start saying things, note, that My Manga in no way; supports any particular religion or religious point of view; Yes, it draws upon mythology, folklore and religion, for stories and symbolism, but by no means, Am I using it to condemn or support any particular religious point of view. Because of my intent and goal to tell a wholly unique story, with wholly unqiue interpretations of particular characters from mythology, folklore and religion, i went as far as to deliberately alter and change the stories and attitudes of said characters. Of course, who the characters at their core, is still the same, without the whole religious connotations and layers that have been added on, by subsequent generations and such.

Now, this is my interpretation of Michael; you may not like it, you may disagree with it; whatever, in the end, as an artist and writer, I am entitled Creative Liberties with said characters, like all artists and writers.

Saga Character:

***Michael, Heir to the Throne of Elysium***

AKA The Sword of Heaven, Angel of War, Prince of the Four Hosts, Second Born Child, Eagle-Winged Prince, Throne of the Glorious Morning, Glorious Prince, Lord of the Multitude of Legions, Lord of the Morning Sun, Master of the Flaming Sword, Seraph of the Flaming Sword

*What is commonly known about Michael, and what is commonly true about him, are two completely different things. First off, the Guy is NOT a boy scout, and call him one, will result in him, eviscerating your piddly ass; with his pinky finger.

Second off, Yes, He is a Master of Warfare, and all that encompasses it. Don't get into a fighting match with the dude, cuz seriously; He'd lay you out like a little girl and fill your Mouth with your mother's feces.

Third, The Man is NOT saintly in the slightest. Piss him off, and He will turn you into a smoldering column of ash. He does have manners, and does know etiquette protocol, but never assume He's a pansy, or a Wuss, or a prick, because He will kill you.

*Despite his demenaor from time to time, Michael does spend a lot of time, Brooding and being dark and emo. It's because He's been through a lot, seen a lot, and has a tremendous burden on his shoulders. He's like Aragorn, from the LOTR Movies, but to the tenth degree.

*Has a Twin Sister, Metatron, who has the most beautiful, stirring singing voice you will ever hear. That voice also has the power to destroy galaxies and fuck up the laws of reality. Don't say I didn't warn you.

*He is well liked by many of his Brothers and Sisters, and many of them Love him, and have been supportive of his role and his destiny, despite the fact that He doesn't wanna have anything to do with it.

*Next to Lucifer and The Holy Mother, Nobody is as powerful as Michael, save Metatron, Sandalphon, Uriel, Azrael, and a handful of the First Born. Beyond that, you would be utterly and ridiculously stupid to wanna match power and might against Michael.

*And yes, He does have emo hair!! I decided to go with it, because first, i thought it would look cool on him, and because it reflects his personality and the fact that he broods a lot. He smiles, whenever He is with his Twin Sister and his other Siblings, but tends to be reclusive and moody when He's in the presence of others.

Michael's Stats:
Age: Let's not get into that mess. He looks to be about 25
Wt: 200 lbs.
Eye Color: Carmel Brown, but occassionally will have the same color as that of Eagles
Hair Color: Dark Brown, sometimes black

And finally note, that Arc is slowly devolving away from being a Wrinkle Whore!!! Have you noticed? I did too
All Saga Characters, Weapon Designs and Associated Concepts and the Like, are (c) property of me, Arc Fhynix

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