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There wasn't much trouble after that incident. Nothing that couldn't be avoided anyway. Pitfalls, whipping vines, and more ghost eating plants littered the long pathway, but they never caused much trouble.

After many traps, the four finally came to where they seek; the library. It almost seemed as if they walked back outside, only the air was much warmer here. A bright was hovering above, but it was hard to tell if it was the sun or artificial It almost looked as if the bookcases went on for miles. The major majority of the books had blue spine coverings on them, while there was a sprinkle of other colours stacked with the books. Vines and exotic plants went as far as the bookcases. Not even Louise knew how many plants were in here.

Joe gave off an impressed whistle, wondering how far they may have to walk to find the books they need. Jacob couldn't imagine the work and time it took to dig out this place, build the bookcases, organize the books and then stack them, etc. "This is one impressive collection," he commented looking around.

Louise and PK were focused on the the alarming amount of plant life here. PK had been here once, and she could even tell the difference between the plant life. Louise always came down here, and she knew that the amount of plant here was due to the Thistle Whistle. "We have to be careful," she warned, trying to be plain and blunt with the statement.

PK went right to what was on her mind the whole walk. "Where can we find our books?"

"It depends on what your looking for."

"Ancient languages."

Louise had to think about it for a moment. "That should be twenty nine rows to the left, fifteen ahead. It should be mixed with mythology." She then walked toward the bookcase she suggested, followed by the others.

As they walked down the length of book cases they viewed the titles on the bookcases. Literature, maps, biology. The categories went on and only differed from the ones next to one another. Jacob could only wonder the amount of categories there possibly could be.

"Just for the record here," Jacob started asking Louise, "what exactly are we looking for?"

"It depends on how old and rare the books are. Super common books have blue bindings on them. The colour code system goes from blue to white."

"So, if we find all the white books, we could have a better of finding what we want, right."

"Well, that may not be the case. We had problems with people stealing books in the past, so the rarest books are usually randomized on the bindings."

PK just looked at Louise with a cock eye look. "So you don't know what we're looking for, do you?"

"Yes I do. Ancient languages. Right over there."

She pointed over to the bookcase just ahead of them. Oddly enough it was the smallest bookcase there. It was sandwiched in between two much longer bookcases. There was only three books that had different coloured bindings, two of white and stacked together.

PK and Joe started searching for through the white books, hoping if they would find there answers in those books. Louise started searching the titles of the books around the bookcase. She knew it had to be somewhere near here. In what shelve, or even what bookcase, she may not know.

She turned to go behind the bookcase and then spied Jacob, laying on the floor with two books open by him. She noted that they were books on psychology and mythology. "I guess you haven't been to a library very often," she deduced, seeing as he was very into what he was reading.

Jacob looked up at the assistant with an embarrassed look on his face. "People usually never let me near books. Thought I'd tear them up." He said this as he gingerly flipped a page of a book, not even tearing it.

Louise smiled at the sight, seeing someone enjoy learning something they didn’t need to learn. “Well, I’ll leave you to it.” She didn’t bother telling him to go back to finding what they wanted. The Scyther should enjoy his first time in a library. She went back to checking for the ancient language book in the bookcase.

Jacob looked with awe in the psychology book at what it told him. He never got a chance to learn very technical things like this, except being trained shortly for technician training. He was only told the basics to survive and to live a basic life, and was to learn the rest as he went on. He always took the chance to sit back and learn something new and complicated.

Right now he was finishing a statement in the psychology book, which was really just a theory more than anything. “When a person sets a goal towards ones self, they aim to justify it in any way they can think of, such as saying it is the truth or that these are well wanted ideals. Sometimes people ending up convincing themselves just what they set out to convince others,” it read. Nothing really supported the statement in the book, nothing on the page before, not the page it was on, not even the next page. It seemed like it was just some random line to support another theory.

He gingerly closed the book and pushed it aside. He now wanted to learn some mythology. He was interested into how the world worked and how others think it happened. He opened the book and flipped through the pages, skimming through the formation of land and sea, time and space, the creation of the mind, guardian of the skies, and so on.

His eyes locked on to a particularly small section with one quote from a legend.

“When the air turns cold, the truth will be revealed, and the ideals set in motion. The air will thicken as the battle of lights will erupt in the sky…”

That was it. Nothing else followed it. Even the book was sceptic of the line, the lines following saying “The point of this is not known, and the meaning has been lost over the decades. Soon the line may vanish from history, only to be found in places like this book.”

That was enough for Jacob to decide to put the books away. He had absorbed enough knowledge for the day, and decided he should do his part in finding the books they wanted to get. He carefully picked up the books, clamped in between his scythes, and placed them in the shelves. He walked around the bookcase to see a minor pile of books at the end. Joe and PK were flipping pages franticly to find the language that Sorbert repeated over and over. The frustrated looks on their faces showed that they weren’t even close. Louise just continued to check book titles and place them on the pile.

PK wouldn’t stop reading. She wanted to find the book so desperately; she won’t stop reading until she found something. Every book was a disappointment. She wanted so much to throw the books across the room, but she knew she had to do the best to keep peace with Arianna.

Joe thought he hit something when he found a book that translated to a recognizable language, but when he checked with PK if the words of some of the languages seem to fit what Sorbert spat out, nothing matched. He decided to hold on to the book just in case.

He became just as frustrated as PK with the books. He reached his peak when he found a book that didn’t even have a readable language in it. He had it. He wanted to tear the book by the binding to vent his rage and was in the process of doing so.

“…Da hell?” he said out loud. His eyes were drawn to a vine that seemed to appear out of nowhere, hanging through an open space in the bookcase. He was less interested in it due to his encounter with the plant that tried to eat him earlier.

Jacob heard his outburst and walked over to the ghost, who was still staring at the vine. “What are you looking at?” he asked before taking a look himself. He saw the vine moving, as if it were breathing. Not being afraid of grass type attacks because of his double resistance towards them he slowly walked up to it. As he was about to tap the vine, it slithered away like an Ekans.

PK heard the rustling and popped her head up from behind the book. “What was that?” she asked, generally concerned.

“You have overstayed your welcome,” Arianna warned. It sounded as if she was close.

“Arianna,” Louise started to plead, “you don’t have to do…”

A melodic whistle filled the air, and all hell broke loose.


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