Baku Saejima (Character Full Bio) Picture

Name: Baku Saejima
Age: 400
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8
Weight: 135
Hair Color: Midnight Blue
Eye Color: Silvery Gray
Ethnicity: Japanese
Sexuality: Unknown
Place of Birth: Obake Aoikigahara
Current Location: Unknown
Specialty: Sorceress, Priestess, Mother
Affiliation: Yurei Yokai, Ikiryo Circle Of The Bloodline Order, Project Genesis, The Sisterhood
Relationships: Reven Xavier (Rival), Irene Croft (grandchild), Ikiryo Saejima (First Born Daughter), Jorogumo Saejima (Second Born Daughter, Yoshi Saejima (Third Born Daughter), Bunraku Saejima (Fourth Born Daughter), Suzaku Saejima (Fifth Born Daughter), Bakura Daiji (Sixth Born Daughter), Nu Gui, (Loyal Servant), Saiku Oiwa (Loyal HandMaiden), Yadokai Shinsaku (Deceased husband)
Story Origin: Ghost Runner 3, Ghost Runner 4, Ghost Runner X Seed, Yurei Seed, Yurei Seed 2,


Baku Saejima is the mother of six incredibly powerful daughters and possesses the ability to curse and enslave human souls as well as grant them anything their heart desires through manipulation and deceit. She is known as the devil incarnate to those who have witness the destruction of her forced hand. She is also no stranger to wandering the streets with her followers and servants accompanying her into the city of Kaidan.
However, before she entered the modern world, 200 years ago a church that preached about the wickedness of the Devil has never seen anything as macabre as the great and dominant Baku Saejema, who’s name instantly sparked awareness when a priest reported that he had seen a woman dressed as a nun drown the husband who confided to her in the church that he deceived his wife and impregnated his own daughter. He came to Baku asking to be forgiven as she was at the time a high priestess capable of forgiveness. But as Baku promised to cleanse his soul she convinced him to allow her to baptize him as this would be the only way GOD would ever forgive him for what he had done.
Indeed she baptized him only he was not baptized in holy water; he was drowned in burning acid where Baku suffocated him to death as she watched his flesh burning from his face melted down to his bone until his eyes disintegrated out of their sockets.
The following day she went to meet with his daughter who was expected to give birth soon to a baby girl. Baku mysteriously infiltrated the home of the woman disguised as a nurse making use of her shape-shifting abilities. Her face was pure, and porcelain white like a immaculate flower. When the child was delivered, Baku revealed her true self to the woman and condemned the young mother for heresy against her own family. She forced her up into the high mountains of Aokigahara where she kept the new born child safe. Naming her "Nu Gui"
Baku asked the mother of the child if she knew if the father was married and if the woman he was married to was her very own mother that she betrayed. The young mother replied "Yes, I betrayed her because she abused me and my father disowned me." Unaware of what might happen to her for revealing the truth, Baku allowed the woman to gracefully choose between suicide or conceiving children for the dead on a continues basis in order to provide fresh underlings for the Yurei Yokai Order, unless the woman spoke only the truth she would release her and the child..Unfortunately she tricked her.
When the woman pleaded for mercy, Baku revealed “under no circumstance, should a child betray the one that brought them into the world.”
Then she proceeded to asking her “did your father love you?” The woman replied “No.” Baku asked “Did he ever sleep with you while you were virgin?” And she responded “Yes, this is how our new child was born.” Baku replied “Then he will suffer for eternity for resting with his own flesh and blood.” She showed her the outcome of her father’s death in his current afterlife, his testicles tortured by female succubus.
The woman had feared for her very own life now that she knew that Baku was testing her honesty, and instead she chose to live rather than commit suicide and was placed within an unbearable environment in extreme conditions where she was surrounded by vicious and vile creatures that resembled that of tormented women with disfigured bodies and beautiful faces to hideous and frightening. Baku told her that these were the unfortunate women that her father once deceived and that together they would be reunited.
These female like creatures ranged from three headed Yurei's with three breast to creatures with long necks capable of stretching unbelievably long, some appeared like normal women but had other demonic qualities about them.
The three headed Yurei was infamous for its meaning and purpose and known as The Yurei Of Condemnation, Forgiveness, And Damnation. This creature was also given three large male genitalia, each with a different purpose for penetrable sexual counterparts to violate the woman who was known to have given birth to at least 560 offspring to these creatures. Baku allowed her body to go beyond human capabilities until she was satisfied, then she would have the woman serve her as a slave.
Baku watched anxiously from a throne high above the lower bowels of the chamber where the woman was raped day and nights from dusk to dawn while she wined, and dined and never became bored of the torture her victims endured. She would hold violent battles like the Roman Empire days, only far more brutal than anything known to man which resulted in the winner being rewarded with whatever their heart desired, and the failure condemned to an uncertain punishment. When the woman’s child had finally turned 6 years old, Baku forced her to watch her mother in her current condition, destroyed and humliated warning that she would take her place when the time was right. But the child eventually avoided this by proving she was willing to worship darkness. Baku became pleased with this child's decision and tested her honor. When the child grew up, she immediately took her place beside Baku serving her as Nu Gui, "The Care Taker Of Alucarda's Children."
Eventually Nu Gui's mother died slowly and painfully due to the fact, those born from her body were fully grown offspring instead of infants.
Baku is without a doubt held in the highest regard under the Yurei Yokai Order, a powerful cult that worships the dead and honors the harbinger of death. Baku ruled this very empire of Yurei warriors, servants of unholy mystical beings. She built an iron strong volition, strict laws of perversion, political views on evolution, decisive order against Holy men that believed in man-made deities, and absolute force toward those that threaten her believers. She controls the Six Yurei Eyes of Ubume which she provided for each of her children prior to their births by blessing them with necromancy abilities.


Baku is nearly 200 years old but unlike ordinary beings she never ages in terms of her youth and established the new Circle of Ikiyro Bloodline during the second Yurei War and Enslavement of Yokai that resulted in her people being slaughtered, captured and given to GOD to cleanse their wicked ways.
The Circle involved the higher power Yurei counsel that made all the decisions for the Saejima family, in other words they were the true decision makers that Baku had overthrown during her teen years when she was given power to use against her enemies. When she first learned that her body was maturing, she was only 13 years old when she conceived her first child with an older lover, that child happened to be Kynoshi Saejima.
But of course, Baku would soon pay for her reckless decision after protecting her oldest child from ever knowing that she was simply weak compared to her sisters who were all equally and fully born Yurei children. Kynoshi strived to prove to her mother, that she was stronger and willing to sacrifice everything to protect her at all cost, no matter the odds and for that reason alone, Baku treated her as a favorite of the trio despite loving them each equally the same.
Evidently the Ikiyro Order established before their long awaited return would become Baku’s downfall after a stronger force than herself took over and became the Head of the Circle of Ikiryo Bloodline known as the Yurei of Incarnation. The Yurei of Incarnation was in fact a male and female in the same body. This powerful deity was surrounded by four other counsels which were the Yurei of Genesis, The Yurei Of Revelation, The Yurei Of Rebirth, and The Yurei Of Time. Each served a greater purpose.

The Yurei of Genesis was responsible for protecting all things born in the beginning. The Yurei Of Revelation created a sense of the past, future, and present followed by destruction of the lives of those that have died for their crimes against themselves.
The Yurei of Rebirth delivered those from the bodies of purity. The Yurei Of Time would create a gong sounding bell to alert the presence of the Ikiryo order of those that are to stand before trial. And the final Yurei, Yurei Of Incarnation banished, exiled and cursed the transgressor.
What Baku didn't realize was that the Circle decided against her where she was placed on trial immediately the moment they arrived after she defeated them only this time they were far more powerful than ever before and managed to strip her ability to command the forces of darkness to defend her. She stood naked and defenseless where she faced judgment for her vile acts which included the ultimate offense, fornicating with a man which was forbidden against the Yurei Order. Because of this, the Yurei of Incarnation forced Baku out of the city of Obake Aoikigahara, cursing her to live as a human being making her vulnerable to illnesses, deceases, and other threats.
Feeling betrayed by their decision, Baku gradually began to lose her own strength as each day passed. She fled for her life as her daughter Kynoshi and her five sisters aided their ailing mother as she would slowly becoming frail through accelerating aging it was also apparent that Baku was more human than Yurei now that she was suffering. Her exiled left her empire for the taking, rival enemies swarmed the castle on mount Obake where they overthrew the last of the Yurei, enslaving them to serve man under their rule.
Together the sisters worked with each other in order to help their mother regain her power and strength once again. They brought her to an abandoned city, which had been left behind many years before the Yurei came into the world. What this had meant was that they had stumbled upon a new home older than they.
Baku’s daughters formed a sisterhood together, calling themselves the UBUME KATSU.
When the Yurei Yokai declined and the leader banished from her homeland, the five young children of Baku armed themselves with knowledge to rebuild their nation twice as stronger than it once was before. Kynoshi placed herself in charge while her mother was in recovery at the age of only 15 years old she was already capable of using weapons such as katana blades and throwing knives with high accuracy with each target she struck.
Her sisters Jorogumo (age 13 at the time), Yoshi (age 9),
Bunraku (age 6), and Daiji (age 7) followed their oldest sister footsteps. Each of the Saejima sisters trained themselves well enough to prepare for a war against those that punished their mother. Although as children without their powers and the sacred elements taken away from them. These five female warriors had no other choice except to train and teach themselves how to face the odds.
Kynoshi and her sisters traveled deserts, mountains, neighboring cities, forest, and dangerous environments of the East terrains and Far Eastern territories in search of those willing to fight at their side. But because they were only children at the time, these five girls were underestimated until the oldest proved for the very first time that she was indeed the daughter of a sadistic mother. When Kynoshi approached several soldiers in the city of Honoji where she said,
“We are in danger of losing our civilization, we need your help in joining us in order to help our ailing mother who is in dire need of assistance from you slaves, children of men that serve us, children of Yurei.”
Her formal and direct approach led to being shoved to the ground, they laughed and taunted her, a mere child threatening skilled soldiers. Kynoshi climbed to her feet and rushed the soldier with her blade, cutting off his penis and forcing it down his throat until the bulge of it could be seen pumping blood inside of him.
Her sisters were shocked as they have never seen this side of her before. Several soldiers armed with deadly weapons attacked her, but they were no match for a skillful Yurei child. This caused everyone in the city to kneel before the children instantly. The Young upcoming warrior promised that if they joined with them, they would grant them anything their hearts desired promising that the poor will no longer answer to the wealthy and rich. This was their chance, and they did not hesitate.
Meanwhile, Baku had came to meet with her children after years of them being away who were each in their early teens after a long expedition with the oldest daughter who was now 18 and far more mature than she ever was before. She came to her mother while she was sickly and slowly dying, she was old and weak. Wearing a mask to hide her deadening expression, she stood before her children who were each a few years older.
They had also noticed their mother was pregnant, but unsure as to how this could be possible when the counsel stripped her from conceiving children. They had also wondered who could have been the one that planted his seed inside their mother when they were away rebuilding their mother's empire. Kynoshi had told her mother as she stood out into the open light of the rising sun along the horizon.
“Mother we have brought with us, a few men and women willing to fight with you. They are only mortals, but they will make themselves useful to our cause to regain back your throne, and our beloved nation that was taken away from us. I say we ride into darkness, rise up and put them to rest.”
At first Baku was in no condition, nor shape to fight. But rather than turning a blind eye, she prepared herself for battle. Her daughters had gathered horses and weaponry to aid them, but these were neither ordinary steeds nor weapons. Their eyes were glowing red, and their skin dark as the midnight sky. The weapons brought to them was forged with evil as everything Kynoshi touched was becoming corrupted including the hearts of these men, women, and young children she had brought with her. Baku sent Jorogumo to spy on their enemy, she was an exceptional master at blending in with the environment. When she arrived in the city of Obake Aokigahara, the entire city itself was rebuilt from the ground up, their fortress was torn down, yet the castle still stood high above the forest where the city below it came to life with humans populating what was once hell on earth.
This time with her sworn enemy forces, the Onryu Empire was ruled by an ambitious Emperor who ever so craved to be a Yurei GOD to overrule his foes without dare having to touch them with his blade. Jorogumo reported back to her mother, revealing that the numbers were strong and they may have others that once served them on their side.
Baku and her newly trained followers prepared themselves for war. She blessed her new soldiers, her servants, and worshipers promising to free them when the war was over. Together they marched into the city where they led an attack on the Onryu Empire with only 300,000 soldiers against 4,000,000 men, Baku on the battle field fought like a demon, slayed and killed thousands, regardless of her pregnancy and lack of strength.
The Order witnessed this with their own eyes from their throne. Baku knew that her pregnancy now was a curse, as the child within her womb was gradually absorbing every ounce of strength she had left stealing away her youth, soon the birth would kill her but she made it certain that the counsel would fall before the end. With that strength, Baku charged the Tower Of Testament where the Ikiryo Order awaited her long arrival. She attacked the Yurei Counsel with Kynoshi and her children fighting the enemy on the outside of the Tower. That day Yoshi had lost her right eye, she felt unbareable pain as blood gushed from her socket, leaving her blind from the right side where she was impaled. Yoshi and her sisters then realized that they too were also human just like their mother.
That day, Baku learned that the Ikiryo Order were responsible for the fall of her empire.
She was bitter and angry that she and her children were the last of her kind left. But before she could get close to them, the Onryu Emperor stood before her where she was impaled through the womb with the Sword of Awakening.
Baku collapsed to her knees, she felt her womb tearing itself open as something within her struggled to free itself. The counsel vanished revealing that it wasn't their time yet, leaving Baku alone in the center of the throne room where soldiers stormed the castle surrounding the defeated sorceress. Baku’s daughter’s rushed into the throne room to protect their mother, but instead they found her again on the battlefield where her 300,000 soldiers had been slain and only 15,000 of them remained.
She gave birth there on the battlefield, as a fully grown child slithered and laughed ever so wickedly with a venomous smile on her face as she crawled out of her mother’s vaginal. It was here that Baku died during her sixth child birth. This became the birth of Bakura Saejima, the Yurei of Evolution.


Resurrected after her death prior to giving birth to a destructive child, Baku’s revival was nothing short of planning as she would now venture into the modern world to corrupt humanity as much as possible to regain what she had lost in order to prepare for the final battle against the Ikiryo Circle Of The Bloodline Order. With her, she brought her children back from purgatory, each of them in possession of a new body.
Baku was aware as sorceress of a dominant gene pool consisting entirely of a rejuvenated force of immortal beings in the Neo-Kyoto Providence. She believed strongly in the ideology that humanity should serve a force greater than man and that GODs created by human minds are ignorant deities that can be destroyed by the hands of truth. Due to the nature that she was living proof of creation, and that no man made GOD was responsible for her coming into the world. She believed that her birth was responsible for the existence of judgment, and because of this she would cast hatred, fear, and blasphemy against anyone that defies her as the true Prophecy and Prophet of Perversion and Wickedness.
After she made her long awaited return she sought to proclaim organizations, religious societies, and cults owned by women. Taking over a female nunnery in the form of Alucarda after she forced the Sisterhood to join her to face her enemy. Very few were referring to her as Baku, but rather Mother ALUCARDA, Queen Of Wickedness.
Baku was reborn with the gift to control the mitochondria cells in the bodies of Yurei children, this was the beginning of their new revelation. As she used her own new born child to persuade the minds of men and women to give into their lust and desires.
Baku despised human beings and their ignorance due to their failure to eliminate the Onryu Empire which was now under the control of the Ikiryo Circle Of The Bloodline Order. Because of her death and return she had forbidden her daughters from falling in love with mortal men. The first man that she encountered and believed would be a fitting father figure to her future children was none other than a Ghost Runner named Reven Xavier. Reven faced Baku and the Yurei Yokai numerous times in order to protect Irene Croft from becoming seduced by corruption.
In Baku's eyes, Reven was a true challenge and a proven adversary that most mortal men did not possess. She nearly killed him at one time or another but decided to spare his life in exchange for his soul allowing him to become cursed as her slave. She did in fact enjoy playing with his fragile mind promising that she would free him from his suffering if he chose to marry her instead, but there was a reason behind this. But when the child known as Malice Nirvana reveals herself as the Carnation of Baku, she must face herself and the true purpose behind her sinful ways. Baku engages Malice in a confrontation which leads them to the place where the birth of Yurei began 400 years ago. They stand together in order to face the Circle of Bloodline Order, but Malice then explains that when the war is finally over, Baku must be condemned or forgiven, not by men, not by the Order, nor GODs created by man, but judged by the future of her actions.

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