Shailo ID wip Picture

just the lineart for my id i have been working on, each of the little icon represents something about me or an interestest, ill explain them going around the circle from left to right, this will be moved to scraps later

-hydra represents my interest in myhtology
-laptop represents my interest in my computer
-TUC symbol represents the gaming clan i am apart of and my interest in Unreal Tournement
-Xbox symbol represents interest in xbox
- Scroll represents my interest in writing
-sketch book for drawing
-sun symbol is the logo for the website i am helping make
-deviant art symbol for devart
-penticle for my religion
-stars and moons for astrology
-digivice for digimon (because im a nerd like that)
-feather for phoenix's
-halo sword for the halo games -halo luff-
-Claudagh Ring for love loyalty and friendship (aka friends and family)
-headphones for music
-cd for games
-taurus symbol for my birth sign
-playstation symbol for playstation xD
-tokyopop logo for anime and manga
-necklace for my interest in making jewelry
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