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(Truthfully, my second attempt at making full eyes.)

"I don't know what has been happening mother keeps putting me to work in the tower and my father is to scared to do anything about it. I keep having nightmares every night about the same thing, I just can't put it into words myself.... but I can say that I can see is my mother above the island, with it going ablaze, and me alongside her, unable to look away with people causing nothing but mayhem. It was awful...and now I don't think I can look outside the same again."

Name: Meryl Minami
Full Name: Meryl Crocker Minami
Birthdate: June 11th
Age: 24
Weight: ???
Height: 5'10''
Blood Type: B+
Current Residence: Katsura Fields, New Albany
Current Drive: Psychic Feeling (Mother 3)
Species: Human
Race: Unknown descent
Attacks with: PSI powers (primary), castle army by her side (secondary)
Likes: Candy, the color cyan, cherry blossoms, Melon, staying up past her bedtime, her father, old mythology, sneaking out of home
Dislikes: her mother, being an heiress, chocolate, snakes, Peletta, getting cornered (by June), her look, Erik's trashtalk
Strengths: sense of danger, kindred, easy to befriend
Weaknesses: shy, hard to trust, has no real skill

Color Palette:
1. Default
2. Bloody Marie [Skullgirls]
3. Amy Rose [Sonic Adventure]
4. She-Zow [She-Zow!]
5. Jessica Rabbit [Who Framed Roger Rabbit?]
6. Jane Crocker (Crockertier) [Homestuck]


As the young heiress of the royal Minami family, Meryl is a kidred soul to all those she meets, even on the darkest of days when the sun does not shine over the blooming blossom trees. Her soleful duties as a young adult is to watch and keep the villages and towns from being attacked or if they are in any danger, simply by looming over the castle balconies and viewing what the world had to offer. However, these duties alone were just her training to use the many resources the castle had to propose to her at her grasp when the time came for her in her rightful throne. She was trusted that she's do these right every week, along with many other training courses. She had an odd accent, but she didn;t really care. The "tears" people often mistake for around her eyes, are actually jewels put on by herself, as her mother seemed adding a little "pizazz" would bring eye contact within seconds.

However, despite all these things she had gotten, this is not what Meryl wanted. She had seen what goes on in the outskirts of Katsura Fields, and the busy streets and cheery people had caught her attention so wildy she wished that she could abandon her duties as queen and live a normal, pleasant life among the others. It wasn't the first time she chose to skip her daily to weekly lessons--she often snuck out of her room every night and went to a random location of the city, and most often she would go to Melon's house to stay and be interested by what had she had to offer. This was unacceptable, however, by her own mother seeing that it would take away all of her manners and skills as a heiress. Her father, the king of Katsura Fields, did not care for what she did, and instead felt that being outdoors was nice for her. Her mother was starting to get nervous that if these habits were to continue, all progress would be lost. It was up to her that after several months later, she would have to begin pulling her own strings--by mentally erasing her thoughts into believing the outside was nothing but filth, and that she had to "clean it" by doing what she destined to do--rule the country.

Meryl didn't seem to notice these feelings inside her head, still able to go outside and do what she wanted, but night after night, she had nightmares about New Albany and different outcomes came from each one, as she felt a slight difference each time starting to grow a different feeling for the outside world. Her mother's plan was working, but how? She tried to keep it secret as long a-s she was still around the castle, but she was finally able to convert her daughter back into a state of royalty and obedience, over month's time. Mery; still kept resisting these feelings though, and it still shocked her mother that she had been disobeying and not submitting to the mental messages. She didn't know how, but she almost uncontrollable and was unable to keep track of, for some reason. But, it didn't stop her. She was still able to take control of, and her psychic powers were able to establish a link between the power Meryl's mother had and Meryl herself to turn her sweet attitude into a bitter, sour taste. After Meryl's mother was done taking her over, Meryl had no memories of these events to occur, but she views them as nightmares, and just like so--changes how she views the outside.

Thankfully, Melon had given her something special for her to keep (an old pocket watch coated in a chrome like shine) and it has been destroying that link ever since she had it, so these events with are most unlikely to occur. She must be careful, though. Her shy, confused, and cognizant self could lead herself into a horrible fate, or her evil, sadistic, crude self could bring misfortune to those around her, putting herself in a position in which she herself doesn't suspect she is in it. and thanks to her newest friends, June and Mark, who are able to help her track down the cause of these events. June, to discover her rightful place in the island and Mark, to discover what is the cause of her wild, and unpredictable behaviour, she'll be able to now discover what she'd have to do, if she ever is given the option to choose.

For now, she'll choose to travel the dirt pathways and ocean seas to clear her mind, seeing what side of her path she'll have to stick with for the rest of her life. The side of responsibilty, or the side of freedom.
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