Hikaru - The Sun Picture

Finally she is here. Hikaru is one halve of a twin. The other twin will be uploaded by ~Ilex-Aquifolium It had to happen...

Name:. Hikaru (meaning light, radiance)
Age: 15
Species: human
Family: Twin sister Konane
Height: 5’8
Class Selections: Astronomy, Mythology, Self-defense arts, defense against the dark arts, Computer graphics, Mandarin
Dorm: Norwood Garden 214
House: Celestial
Items brought along: Sun and Moon Sword, miniature motor cycles, frog wallet, miniature lucky angel
Personality: She’s a bit of a fire bolt. She has little patience and wants things to go quickly. She often makes rash decisions. She is a bundle of energy. Has no sense of direction, as in she goes round a corner and she’ll get lost. She finds Baranthia to be a maze. Doesn’t like to get wet. Get’s cranky when the sun isn’t shining during the day. Dislikes her long hair but refuses to cut it off. She often wears it in different hairstyles. It is thought that she doesn’t cut off her hair for the opposite sex, who she says she is not interested in. Loves anything capuchino, like capuchino milkshake and ice cream flavor. She has a passion for motor cycles as it fits with her personality, very fast tracked. She is very claustrophobic in locked rooms and tunnels. She doesn’t have it in crowded spaces as she just barges right through them, not paying attention to the crowd, or using the crowd for their job. She is also somewhat superstitious as in she won’t walk under a ladder and stays away from black cats.
Relationship with her sister: The only person that seems able to slow her down, somewhat and that she listens to properly. As they are opposites and twins they do argue a lot but never in a way that they would stop talking to each other. Her sister is very important to her and she doesn’t like seeing her sister taking hits, even though she knows it is her fighting-style. She gets easily amused when her sister is groping other girls breasts and even encourages her at times. Hikaru can attach herself to others and locations more easily then her sister. But when it comes down to it, she has the biggest loyalty to her twin and would follow her everywhere, despite being the oldest herself. The twins hair isn’t the same color. It is thought that this is because of their opposite abilities.
History:.The Sun and Moon Twins worked for a 'user-for-hire' group before coming to BA. The un-named group fell apart after the death of their leader, with no clear heir to the leadership in fighting began between the higher members. Annoyed by the lack of leadership and missions the sister quit and left.
Upon finding out about BA they decided to join, however not everyone was willing to allow them to join or willing to trust them because of their past. The sisters share a love for money and will do pretty much anything if the price is right. Each having a different price.
Powers: She has the power of the sun during the day, also known as yang. She can use plasma blast to attack and reenergizes through sun light. When there is no sun light her stamina is 50% less and her plasma blasts are weaker. She also has a magnetic field surrounding her that is strongest during the day. She can attract items of metal towards her and make them levitate. Her sun powers are attached to fire. She can heat things up through touch but only so that she can create warm tea. Her ability is linked to nightmares about the future.
Fighting Style: In battle she is aggressive. She fights on instinct and doesn’t think about strategic plans, her sister is more for that. She uses her magnetic field more as a show-off then as an attack. She depends a lot on long-range attacks though she can fight close combat with her sun and moon sword, she does not prefer it.
When on missions she trust her sister completely but distrusts the abilities of the other students. She often shares looks with her sister. She also is skeptical about the abilities of some of the teachers.
Weapon: Sun and Moon sword.
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