Pombeasts: Adoptables Batch 2 [OPEN] (1/2 sold) Picture

Horned Pombeasts are equivalent to their unhorned brethren in size and shape, though they showcase some individual behaviors. The horned variety tends to engage in playful, goat-like bunting -- though these can also be territorial displays. Pombeasts do not typically charge or ram into their opponents, but will buck, bunt, and shove their rival into submission. Given how the horns of this breed come in a variety of colors and sizes, they make for highly-coveted trophies and decoration, leaving this particular strain prone to excessive poaching.

Pombeasts, of course, make better companions than taxidermy, and most people opt to have the regal elegance of the horned variety as house pets.

See further taxonomy of the Pombeast species here.
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