Rose-Colored Mother Earth (26) Picture

Page 28-29 of a manga dedicated to Earth Day.

Just as the Sapa Inca strives to achieve and maintain balance in the empire that she or he rules over, Mapusaurus, as a keystone species and apex predator, acts as the predominant force that keeps its ecosystem at a relative equilibrium.

The paradox of this manga is that one would find the opposite of what I’ve depicted in the sense of ecological phenomena. In the dry season, the carnivores would thrive better than the herbivores, which would congregate around dwindling sources of water and therefore make themselves easy targets for predators. However, this means that predators would have to compete with each other for prey. In the wet season, the herbivores would thrive on the abundant water supply and the resultant abundance of vegetation, which also enables them to spread out more spatially, making them more difficult targets for predators struggling to survive. What this manga shows are rarer instances – where abundance of Argentinosaurus worsens the effects from the drought and deforestation during the dry season, while the abundance of Skorpiovenator worsens the effects of overforestation during the wet season. By regulating the populations of both these animals, Mapusaurus indirectly influences the habitats, resource availability, and biodiversity in its ecosystem.

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