Character Reference: Lynne Picture

Brief reference, but at least it's something. When I get enough time, I'll make a better one.


Not known, but looks like they're in their 20's

Androgynous, they-their-them pronouns

Cursed "metsähinen," a type of forest elf (haven't decided/found a proper English translation, sorry)

Lynne is around 173 cm tall, slender and graceful-looking, kinda feline. Tiny chin, small nose and thin, long neck and arms + fingers.They have a slightly curly, thick, longish hair, lynx ears, birth marks (kinda like lynx markings). They always wear a poncho or at least something as drooped as one. Lynne also likes woollen scarves and leg-warmers. They have feline-like eyes with slits as pupils.

Lynne is kind of unpleasant. They're sarcastic, arrogant, independent and really have about no empathy for others. They like to keep to themself and don't seem to enjoy company or at least nothing else but making fun on others etc. Lynne is very smart and they rarely get into trouble. They're very slick on their movements and appear and disappear whenever.

- Lynne is a lynx-spirit and very powerful.
- They were cursed to live as a human among humans by their emuu, the mother of lynx. This was because Lynne tormented some humans and dislikes them quite a lot.
- They love fish but hate to get wet.
- They can be found lying in the sun and sleeping. Usually somehow on someone's way.
- Lynne and Oula are rivals. Like. Serious rivals.
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