Magma Mountain Picture

Behold Magma Mountain, mystic ancestral home of the Chameleon Dragons, and the infamous lair of Pyro, the Dreaded Dragon Sorcerer!

Magma Mountain is the most mysterious and legendary peak in all of Oneiroia. Not only is it the tallest volcanic mountain in Oneiroia, but it is also believed to be the oldest; having stood since before the time of the dinosaurs. Many myths and legends also speak of Magma Mountain as being a focal point of great magickal energy. Legend says that the mountain draws down immense waves of cosmic energy from the very heavens themselves...and legend is right. Magma Mountain is rather like our world's equivalent of Castle Grayskull.

Much mystery surrounds Magma Mountain. Since the disappearance of the Chameleon Dragons thousands of years ago, the only things known about the volcanic mountain and its former inhabitants is myth and speculation. Some legends say that those who reside within the cavernous spaces of the mountain are blessed with godlike powers and become masters of magick. Other legends speak of crystal-clear pools deep within the base of the mountain that grant eternal youth and immortality to those who bathe within them. There are even stories that suggest that Magma Mountain is some kind of key or gateway to other times and dimensions; like a dimensional nexus or transit zone, or even a spaceship or time machine. Related tales go on to speculate that the mountain's former occupants, the Chameleon Dragons, were not dragons at all but rather aliens or demons from another space and time. No one knows certain...not even Pyro, the current inhabitant of the marvelous mount.

For thousands of years, Pyro has search for the secrets and the clues to help him understand and decipher the mysteries left behind by his people, but long has such knowledge eluded him. The only thing that Pyro has been able to learn of his people's past is of the great war with the griffin horde and the night the ancients say the sky over Magma Mountain went black; the night the Chameleon Dragons vanished without a trace. Now Magma Mountain and the island it sits upon, the Isle of Draco, floats through a surreal and ethereal space; transported there after the power of the Gemstones of Light caused some strange chain reaction which banished the island into a pocket dimension outside time and space. Though Pyro was able to create portals and gateways to return the "real world"; he has never been able to return Magma Mountain back to its former resting place in the Sea of Ages, so there it remains in that strange pocket dimension where the sky shifts from night to day on the spur of the moment and the sun moves through the heavens like a dizzy butterfly.
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