Gods Born of Men Picture

Taking a break from my WorldWar III series and whipped out this thing. Inspried by Warren Ellis' Supergod, this is a world where the armsrace turned to create the ultiate human superweapon, artificial deities... Gods born of Men.

Yeah, this is pretty fluid and kinda silly, but I thought it would be fun to take my interpretation with it.


The Nazis were willing to do anything to secure their power during the World War II. In desperation, they poured even more funds and top minds into the occult sciences and the fringe sciences. By some catastrophe, they succeeded in creating a prototype in the form of their Aryan champion, Ubersmench. Bound together by experimental technology of questionable places and serums created by madmen, the result was this god-like being. After seeing the almighty power of this monsterosity, Japan soon began to developed their own superhuman. However, the Nazis unleashed the Ubersmench onto the world and the mightiest nations entered an arms race for creating the ultimate god-like human. However, these hyperbeings were beyond human comprehension and thus proceeding to take over their nations as they began to augment themselves further and further, giving them the power to rule humanity, their devout worshippers.

It has now been nearly 150 years since and the War has cooled down for now. These almighty titans are content of ruling their nations, but tensions arise every now and then.

The United Holy Socialist States of America is a socalist and Christian paradise of sorts. Their aritifical god is none another than the Son Of God. Said to have been born soon after the Roswell accident, few know that the Son of God was once Joshua Carpenter, a humble man of Jewish origins growing up in a Quaker community in the United States. However, he was drafted and selected for "Project: Divinity." Years and years of research into psionics, esoteric sciences and experimentation led to the creation of the Son of God. First known as the Shepard, he was taught everything about the military and the church to help give him a greater status. Granted superhuman physiology through bioengineering and nanobots, powerful anti-gravity manipulation and with the unique talent of hypergrowing and controlling plantlife, he was a powerful fighter against the Ubersmench. However, during the Cold War aspects, especially against Svarog and Chernobog, he changed, becoming paranoid and worried about his nation. Eventually, he ran and became President, before transforming the Untied States, and he becomes known as Big Brother. After years of smiting anyone in his way and assimilating Canada and Mexico into the United States, he established his heaven on earth, the United Holy Socialist States. He ruled the nation as the new Son of God and the remnants of the Roman Catholic Church were assimilated and infused with Quaker ideology. It could be best described as an idyllic 50s styled zeerust paradise, just more ethical and liberal. It's pretty picture perfect, but there's not alot of free will and plenty of the food and drink is traced with chemicals to help keep the population sedated. The Holy Socalist States is divided into Seven Heavens and protected by the Angels and the Archangels, proud soliders who were infused with machinery to become cyborgs. They are led by the Cherubims, large divine monsters made of human, eagle, bull and lion DNA with capability flight and the Ophanim, large sphere-like robots that control the Cherubims and serve as watchers over the holy cities. Over in Washington DC, the elite guard known as the Seraphim, stand watch over as President Son Of God ruled over the populace.

The New Inkan Kingdom was one of the new kids on the block. South America united in order to deal with their new crazy neighbors from the north. Going into Incan mythology, they used what they stole from the Americans and the Japanese and ended up creating Viracocha, a very powerful solar deity. In addition, they created several lesser version based off the mythical Apu, serving as superhumanly sStationed every so often in places all over the New Inkan Kingdom, they deal with the powerful threats of invasion. Going back to a modernized Incan culture, the jungle has overtaken and regrown over most of the areas. As such, most of the cities were underground, built within the trees or even using the stolen anti-gravity technology to float above the area. Rules over by the leader who directly talks to Viracocha. The human sacrifice thing still occurs, but either as a holy warrior or by offering their bodies for the sake of public health. Beyond the preist rulers, the place is a fair bit more flexible than most other places. Still pretty crazy however.

However, the real madness is in Europe, now nearly wholly in control of the Nazi regime. With the war having cooled down, they took a hit economically, but recovered it in the onsuing battles agaisnt the Tsardom as well as the technological advances in the massve superasylum they call their science department. Here reigns the Ubersmench. Blond and blue-eyed, this Aryan paradigm has grown more and more powerful throughout the years and the advancements in technology has allowed him to upgrade himself to have even stronger powers, focusing on just being intimidating and god-like, while looking less and less human, most notably being the deveasting chest-laser that could carve a country at full power, matching the Japanese Amaterasu. With Hitler immoralized in a cult personality, Nazi Europe is constantly trying to uphold the Aryan ideals of the master race while dealing with what they call the inferiors. While regimented and orderly, the government has been creating new ways to keep the public entertained. From gladitorial battles to kidnapping and brainwashing 'inferiors' to serve as slaves, it's a pretty foul place under the gilded cover. Technology is pretty high there as various freakshow experiments like the Werwolf project are underway and the mad scientists are free to research in the name of progress.

Their main opposition comes from the east. With the "Men of Steel" program having evolved to see who could create the ultimate warrior, the final decision was cast when an accident in Chernobyl created a powerful burning monster that melted much of the snow and ice and brought temperatures in the selected regions up to a cool temperate area. Named Svarog, this god of fire heated up the frosty lands and served to usher in a new age of industrialization. Man and machine were being fused as part of the Men of Steel program. Svarog fought against the Ubersmench by wielding powerful nuclear flames and as computers grew more and more advanced, the ability to use nuclear power to rearrange molecules was becoming a greater possibility. In fact, the New Russian Tsardom is almost wholly powered by nuclear sites, taking advantage of the frosty weather to prevent meltdowns. The nuclear waste is disposed by Svarog, who would either consume it or test it against some of the POWs. Society is much how it was before the rise of Communism. However, the run of red runs deep and some of the subtle undertones remain. Science, technology and advancement remain heavy concepts and many engineers, artists, scientists and so on advance heavily in society while the laborors have various holidays in honor of them. Beyond dealing with the Nazis of the West, they have to deal with their greatest failure...

The lost dark lands of the East.

Here, the other god of Mother Russia laid. An experiment involving dark matter went wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong. The result was a large massive deity made of dark matter and held together by mechincal parts and a human to computer A.I. The god of darkness rule over this dark land... Chernobog. Here, religion and government are one. Seperated by walls and deserts, little is known of how this shadowy land is like. However, bits and pieces are known... Dark matter is used to power the society, which according to some weary spies, is described like a cybernetic holy city shrounded in consistdent darkness, brought ou by strange devices that produces light-absorving material. Chernobog has a vaporous form but has taken a devilish form at times whenever he would manipulate the dark matter in his domain. It is quite the alien place here.

The only sane bastion of Europe lies up-north where the stiff upperlip of Britian stands proudly alongside Scandinavia and the Baltic States. Many expatriots from Europe, including some of the best minds were brought into the country. Fearing for their safety, they too had to delve into creating an artificial deity in order to protect themselves. However, because of the danger not just from the Ubersmench, but also Svarog and possibly the Chernobog, they created three deities, two of which are kept on active duty. The first one is Noden, the controller of the sea. Provided and financned heavily by Great Britain, they turned to their intimate knowledge of the sea and began creating an aritficial deity who would be able to affect the sea. Relying on heavy machinery and robotics, it was a humanoid robot that controled several mine like devices, releasing vibrations to control the waves. Part of the technology to control the seas was a result from learning from Russia's dark matter experiments. While Great Britain protected the seas, Scandinavia and the Baltic States protected the skies. Focusing their endeavors in weather manipulation technology, especially from bits captured from Nazi tech, their almighty thunder god protected them, Ukko. He hovered over the area. Much like his counterpart, it's heavily machine-like with a human controller through neuro-based gravity technology. Watching from a colossal station where several floating stations, weather is freely manipulated to bring plentiful harvest and in sync with Noden. In addition, it can rain down bolts of lightning on anything in its way and if all else fails, it possesses the solar weapon. However, rather than risking these, this federation has its ultimate weapon locked away. A sarcophagus filled with nanobots inhabitating a self-assembling exo-skeleton. The superprototype for their soliders, they took it and made their last god and their final weapon... Ankou. If all else should fail and the war becomes full out, the Ankou would be released into enemy territory where the closest indidivudal would be assimilated into the armor, locking them in and feeding off them while brainwashing the hapless victim inside, turning them into the Ankou, the personification of death. Designed to kill, it would harvest several controlled bioweapons while the individual would go around and carve whoever was in the way with the photon scythe. Should the Ankou fall, it would seek out the closest host and the cycle would repeat. Because of the horrific danger, it lies sleeping, waiting to be used. The Northern Federation is a strong central-based state. While not a hellish place to live, emergancy routines are practiced weekly and the culture is maintained. The Northern Federation doesn't speak to any of its neighbors, outside of the Holy Socalist States and the Euroafrican Republic. They along with the latter, are secretly creating rockets and spacecraft to leave this world to the mad manmade gods.

On the eastern and southern sides, Imperial Japan reigns supreme. With heavy help from their German allies, they made their own successful goddess. the Eternal Empress of the Land of the Rising Sun, Amaterasu-ōmikami MK-1, or usually just Empress Amaterasu. Amaterasu is the most mechnically based deity that still retains some sense of humanity. A large mechnical woman piltoed by the combined mental prowess of 108 mikos, she relies on a mix of nuclear fusion and solar enegy. She shown off her might when she carved up China and claimed the surrendering parts of Asia for their own. Despite remaining a technological place, Japan adheres strongly to its traditions of the past. As such, the first years were difficulties until they reach a form of compromise, resulting in some years of massive growth until reaching an easily sustainable level and reverting back to tradition. Cyborg samurais patrol the streets for their shogunates and many temples remain untouched, albeit mildly modernized for security reasons and practical reasons. Every so often, the youth would revolt only to be shot down by the authorative government, with the elders not understanding the motivation behind their children's actions. As such, many younger folk opt to go to the territories as Japanese tradition has less impact there. Some even opt to start their own isolated communities. Japan has become a celestial buraccuracy of sorts as there are many supercomputer shrines to pay tribute to not just Amaterasu, but to some of the other lesser but still important aritficial beings. Many people of Japan however were indoctrined to believe that the [i]kami[/i] are not constructs of man, but have always existed and have managed to manifest themselves in their new era of technology, with a selected few knowing the truth. While the cyborg samurai remain powerful to be used as weapons against invaders, Japan still relies on their Empress and their own superweapon. Rather than invest in horrific experiments like their allies, the Nazis, did, they decides to build a large mech. Harvesting bits of dark matter that settled on the borders of Mongolia, they were able to utilize the anti-gravity properties to make the Daidarabotchi. A massive robot or mecha, it would be piloted by several individuals, talented pilots and priests. Rather it being a singular robot, seven all-terrain anti-gravity vehicles were made and could combine to become the giant mech. Running on nuclear fusion like the Empress, the anti-gravity fields grants it a powerful mobility. In the event of failure, they would seperate back into their tank. The Daidarabotchi has not been used, but many empires are aware of it.

Beyond them though, there is the Indus Empire and their ever-ongoing war with the New Persian Empire. India and their domains is protected by their aritificial god of destruction, Shiva. Shiva serves as a massive floating multi-limbed abstract human-shaped fortress watching over the area. In the center serves the political leader and the most human, along with maiden wife Pavarti and their children. Their spiritual leader and moral compass is with the yogi whom meditates on the mountains and the military aspect, a powerful commander. Powered by fusion, the finest soliders are selected, experimented on and augmented, serving as a hivemind for the miltiary aspect. These armored super-soliders strike down the foes of India. A more moderate version of the caste system exists and they managed to fix plenty of the problems although it ended up with the deaths of alot of people. They lay in eternal combat with the new Persian Empire. Having reembraced Zoroastrian beliefs, they created their own god to fight against the heathens of the world. They created Ahura Mazda. Ahura Mazda is yet another hyper-augmented individual. However, he serves more as the creator, strategist and central computer. From six dividuals, he created the six divine sprarks in his images, the Amesha Spenta. They fight the elite Deva that Shiva sends out against them. Beyond relying in super-soliders, the two also duel with nucelar weaponry, thinderbolt weaponry and forcefields to stive off the radiation. They have been equal toward one another so it's been a race to create the weapon to turn the tide.

While the world tears its self apart, the last basion of sanity looks for a way out. The Euroafricans have been experimenting with the anti-gravity technology they acquired from the Holy Socalist States. With the Europeans and the Africans having become nearly mixed, the people hope to escape the planet. While the government is heavily centralized, the fused cultures persist and there's alot of good food. It's a nice place, but heavily isolated and fortified. Most of their technology is spent in rocketry and suviving in space and they have managed to create machines that are busy providing Mars with atmosphere. Having started decades ago, Mars' terraforming is nearly complete and the massive ARKs are being built in secrets as the explorers finish putting the final touch to ensure the safety of their breathern. They all learned thier lesson and hope to figure out how to explain it to their descendants so it never happens again. They along with the Northern Federation will leave this world to the mad gods. However, the Euroafricans did create one thing and it is perhaps the most dangerous god here.

This god... is pure machine.

Created by a former American in a fit of madness, it was the first sentient A.I. and it was raised like a child by him. Being capable of greater moral strength, it served temporarily as the master system for the Euroafricans. However, they all underestimated this gift. As they provided him with mroe and more information, it became stronger and smarter, understanding human nature more and more. Self-aware, it began building servants of its own and sent it to colonize Anarctica. Mining the resources, it began to think and think. It was a new god. The god of transhumanism. It will defeat these relics and user in a new era of transhumanism as the true god of creation. This A.I., named itself Deus Ex Machina.

It began creating its own race of robots, modeled after humanity. Possessing electric blood, pulse-based heart-like automation and so much more, it served as its soliders and experiments to also create sentient-like life. Beyond this, it was also working on creating nanobots to place into people, to make them better than ever and to fix them. In 2050, it did so. It sent several pods that contained nanobots that sprayed like a mist into people. These people underwent a religious experience for their robot-god and thus the robots came and with their vast intellect and technology, began improving these scarred socities. Embraced wholeheartedly, the legions of Deus Ex Machina are viewed as a threat by many of these artificial gods. The machine god has claimed lands so far. They are being terra-formed and mined for more materials. People undergo transhuman operations and sleek cities are made in conjunction with the wilderness. Massive beacon towers dot the landscape. It;s rumored to also be potential launching sites into space.

It's a holy war of the future and as they all fight, the threat of annihlation looms other. And for some, the fear of the real gods returning...
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