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Summary: In a world we live in today, close to the state we know as Maine, lies an island called Washire. The eight superior gods have discovered their old enemy has risen and is planning to take over the world. They decide to call on a group of magicians and a guide to help them.

Felix Masterson: A teen working at a library. The leader and the main protagonist. He's a book worm. His magic alias is wizardry and follows the path of Ezerana, the home goddess. His destiny and role is yet to come to this boy as he struggles to find out who his parents are.

Balthazar: A mysterious man who was turn into an owl the minute he was dying. He stayed like that for nearly a few hundred years - This was because of the woman he once loved - so he could continue his path. It is not known what his magical path is.

Henry O'Connor: An eleven year old illusionist who first meets Felix, Mickenzie and Balthazar when he runs into a pack of wolves. His interest is mythology. The path he follows is unknown and is very useful when it comes to nature. When he finds out the identity behind Balthazar, Henry tries to stay clear of the monsters from him.

Mickenzie Winchester: Felix's childhood friend. Her magic alias is necromancy and follows the path of Aesyl, lord of the Underworld. She comes to know of the dangers since her mother runs the community hall's security systems. She tries to stay away from her father because she fears he'll find out about her secret.

Victor Black: A fierce and cold elementalist (water)
. He mostly keeps quiet to himself. He is referred as "Blackman" because his father is the town's blacksmith. He's very much trouble until Pacifica comes along.

Pacifica Franklin: A quirky and strange teenage pop girl who is very colorful and cheerful. Her magical path is the creani (people who either have the powers of the moon and/or sun and it is rare to have both) She tends to take a liking in Victor, although he ignores her most of the time. She is in more of Disney movies and pushes her goal to work there no matter what happens.

So this is basically an idea I thought of doing when I grow up. Some titles include-
-Witchcraft and Wizardry

That's it. That's all I have. I'll put up more characters, but some might just have head shots. Up next might be the gods.

BTW, I don't know why it's called Pendulum. I guess because all the other good titles are taken. (glares at some of my favorite writers)
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