Completely Broken Picture

Completely Broken...

This picture is about a little boy doll.
A toy built for the enjoyment of man.

He was pieced together by a man who lost his beloved son to the sea... The boy drowned, you see...and his grieving father who plucked his son's body from the waves too late made toys for the children of their sea-side village. He was a man who brought joy to millions...but this didn't lessen the pain of the old toy maker's loss.
The toy maker would sell his soul for the boy to live again. To have his son returned to him, he would surely give anything.
But, alas...when the dead are not left to sleep, they can get very angry. The poor father carved his little boy's body so lovingly out of driftwood from the very sea that took him from him, putting care into every stroke of his wittling blade, every turn of a skrew, every like of paint. But, the boy did not care...he only saw a monster in the mirror.
He became inraged that his father would damn him to a life as a wooden toy! A plaything...just to be tossed aside once his luster ran out. The child claimed that no one could ever love him, now. That his body was just a hunk of wood...and his life a fleating dream. His father tried to explain, tried to tell the boy that he made him out of love, but the young puppet wouldn't hear his father's plea... "I'm a freak." Was all he could say, "A freak!" And the boy ran away.
He hides in the shadows looking for someone who will love him...he's found many suiters, but none who have followed through with their promises to fix his solemn soul.
With each creaking lover, another peice will break...and with each broken promise, a new nightmare will wake. Who can fix this mistreated toy? Will his love come one day...or will he become completely broken?

"Can you fix me...?"
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