Descending From On High Picture

Original lineart: [link]

I changed the flowers on his vest to sunflowers out of personal preference and symbolism purposes, but other than that, everything else is the same.

Although you guys don't know, I actually did post a drawing of this guy before (although it was just a headshot): [link]

He's the one in the top right corner, hair and eyes masked thanks to brown colour contacts and a wig ;D His name's Lerrick, otherwise known in my head as 'the benign sociopath.' He's perfectly sane and not violent - if anything, he disdains it - and he has a great love and enduring loyalty for his family and companions.

To others, he seems like a perfectly well-mannered, friendly and approachable kind of guy - but this is nothing more than a calculated artifice, which he'll adjust and tweak accordingly to the type of person he's currently dealing with. He's the social chameleon who strives to - and succeeds - to appear normal and likeable so others will be charmed and trust him. On one level, he can comprehend the workings of behaviour and emotion with keenly-tuned perception, but on the other, he's incapable of truly empathising with it.

Besides those few who he cares about, he really couldn't give a toss about anybody else (especially humans) and can be shockingly callous, often feeling at best a cold amusement and at worst, outright contempt, as he fools and manipulates them. He'd quite happily lie, cheat, trick and trample them all underfoot for the sake of his own goals or his loved ones; he's capable of extraordinary cruelty if you provoke his wrath. Even where his loved ones are concerned, he'll still deceive and manipulate them if he believes it's in their 'best interests'; his morality's a murky grey at best.

EDIT: Argh, scanner made it come out too dark -_-

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