Vizier Valensenamen Picture

Haven't drawn much of this story in a while. This is Pharaoh Elastamun's "master", Valensenamen, whose home is Anur Khufos. Having been sent to Earth to study humans and Egyptian mythology over a period of months, Elastamun gained some Arabian traits after studying that country and became interested in charming snakes. Remarkably, his human friend Ahmed, had brought in a strange purple snake not too long ago. Soon after being charmed, it shed its skin and turned out to be our old friend Cobriius! Now Elastamun thinks his home might be Anur Khufos, but he's in for a shock when they get there.
The Pharaoh was never told as to what was going on on that world since he went to Earth. As you can see in the background, the Thep Khufans have been kidnapping humans since after the mission was started, and converting them to their species using preserved embryonic masks (inspired by Cofagrigus); normally, a mask like this would grow on its own into a full Thep Khufan, but regrettably the species is dying from an as of yet unknown cause and keeping that process from happening. Human bodies fix that problem, but it's a terrible solution.
Interesting facts:
* "Pharaoh" Elastamun isn't really true. The replica of Khafra's mask he uses for a face inspired humans to give him that as a nickname. His real occupation is a scribe, sent to record human activity and Egyptian history.
* I couldn't resist an homage to Ben 10. On the back wall is a golden winged scarab, not uncommon in a temple like this, but instead of the sun it holds the Omnitrix symbol, except with an Ankh overlaid. Elastamun's face also has a scarab with a similar symbol on it.
* Valensenamen's golden bird-head is based on Horus, with the combined pharaoh's hats showing rule over upper and lower Egypt.
* I haven't decided what the blue crystal he and Elastamun use is made of, but it's not as dangerous as Corrodium. In fact, a large portion of the planet's corrodium is already mined and contained at this point.
* The two hieroglyph sentences on the wall state "Transformation" and "Life spark"
Hope you like this! I really want to get working on that story soon. And it's a good thing so far that the Ben 10 series hasn't done anything with Anur Khufos yet, so it's up for grabs for fanfiction!
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