Zaphary Application - Greg the Luxray Picture

Name: Greg
Age: 23
Edition: Regular
Gender: Male
Species: Luxray
Accessories: He keeps his purple banadana on him at all times. Can be seen in a shirt, waist jacket, pants and blue sneakers the majority of the time, with his trench coat when it gets chilly, or he is off exploring. A pair of metal chopsticks he keeps at home, length of 7 inches,

History: Greg was born to a prototype female Luxray and a male Arcanine. Four years after his birth, his mother had fled the two of them leaving the Arcanine with a purple bandana and the awkward situation of telling the child that his mother no long wanted him and that they were on their own.

The Shinx took the news badly, wrapping himself in the bandana in grief. The father was unsure on what to do other than to keep the child fed and to wait for the reaction to pass, to keep him with at least one functioning parent.

A few months later and Greg had taken to carrying the bandana around with him, at his current state it covered most of his body like a blanket. It was a step forward as he had actually picked up the courage to leave the cave and go out looking for his own food. Worried, his father had followed him out on the excursions to keep him safer from the more dangerous things in the shadow while the Shinx dealt with the smaller threats seemingly by himself.

After a few weeks of this Greg had evolved into a Luxio, the bandana now a makeshift cape. He was now very aware of his father following him during his food gathering sessions and had made it a habit to sneak out on his own to prove himself. On one of these many expeditions his father had tailed him, and as he was so focused on his Luxio son that he had been picked up by a child and taken off to be a pet as far as Greg knew.

He was left on his own, and had to fend for himself. During this time he evolved into a Luxray, the bandana was of regular size now. He taught himself some stronger moves in an effort to do so. After a while he left his previous home, as humans frequented the area too much for him to hand, and a few weeks trek later he was beset on by bandits and was left injured.

Hobby(ies): Cooking, Running, Needlework, Mild interest in Fencing which he saw humans doing once.

Move Set: Discharge
Wild Charge
Fire Fang
Night Slash

Extras: Both parents were a part of a ‘Chinese Zodiac’ promotion from a Chinese restaurant chain, the luxray representing the tiger as the producers of the toys didn’t think Purugly fit with the ideal of a tiger. And Arcanine obviously represented the dog.
Due to being part of a Chinese restaurant promotion, both parents were given away with a set of metal chopsticks, Greg was given his mothers set which he used to carry his belongings over his shoulder.
His real name isn’t Greg, its Yaguaorogui, but he hasn’t told anyone that. (Yaguaorogui was a tiger in Chinese mythology, it was basically the thing that caused eclipses by eating the sun and then spitting it out when it was too hot. Hence Fire Fang. SYMBOLISM!)

Protosymbol: Stitching on forehead, damaged tail which is repaired via stitching.
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